Saturday, April 26, 2008

You Gotta Fight!

For your right!

To paaaaaar-tay!

RT 2008 was all about the parties. Meeting people who love our books, who showed us what dedication to romance is (volunteers rock, man!), who defied sleep, laughed in the face of bathroom scales and enjoyed a couple of drinks with them cute umbrellas on top.

That’s right, folks. One week ago today, the Hussies were invading RT 2008 in Pittsburgh, signing books, hugging readers (and everyone who stood still more than 10 seconds), gate crashing posh parties and generally scaring the locals. You know why? Because Hussies, they like to have fun.

Armed with cameras, positive ions oozing out of our ears and an irreverent sense of humor, we trolled and stalked, snuck up and gave speeches, dazzled and challenged stereotypes. We hugged Cavemen, had our pictures taken with Fabio, Adrian Paul, cheered the brave Mr. Romance contestants. We witnessed some pretty outlandish behavior too, but you know what? That’s what life is all about. Having fun. Letting your hair down (in my case, spiking it up even more), ignoring what folks might have to say about your sassiness or your bold approach. So what if someone thinks you shouldn’t do sexy costumes? So what if two passes at the buffet table might be a tad overboard? So what if you lost your bra in the elevator and forgot to take the fake eyelashes out the next morning?

You’re a Hussy. Hussies don’t follow rules; we make our own. We like to party, and we’ll fight for it!

Thank you to my sister Hussies authors, to Scott our Dude, to the EC crew, RT volunteers and organizers, and most importantly, thank you to each Hussy attendee who flew, drove or walked to RT. You’re the true heart of romance. You’re Reader. And readers ROCK!


Ciana Stone said...

Oh Nat! You said it so perfectly!! I'm feeling a little misty today. A week ago it was party time. Now it's do chores. Actually, this weekend I'm the spoiled Hussy. Manfolk said "this weekend you rest - I'll take care of everything."

Well who am I to pass up an offer like that? The only thing I'm trying to figure out is how to make this perk last beyond the weekend!

Nicole Austin said...

Hussy power, baby! Woot! We sure did rock RT. I've been tossed back into real life and I'm back at the "real" job, but my hearts still back at RT with all of you. Next April can't get her quick enough!