Friday, April 18, 2008

Nic's Report - LIVE FROM RT

"Tonight was the faery ball and the wings were tangling up all over the place. The costumes were amazing. Ci has more pictures of people like Flash who, as always, was amazing. And Tawny Taylor whose handmade creation was beyond beautiful."

"Scott is now an official Hussies caretaker. He is so amazing, making sure everyone is okay and has what they need. The man must be going insane trying to keep up with four hussies but he is doing one hell of a job, including wearing the costume Sahara lovingly handcrafted for him.

"We've been hanging out with Sire Don, which has lead to some very interesting conversations and sparked a few story ideas for me. Don is ... a big teddy bear. With real bear claws to prove it. Describing how those metal claws feel when gently slid over the skin... And his floggers. More than one hussy is interested in finding out how they feel with more than the casual touch. Wowza!
"Nat and Sire Don connected on a whole different level... world domination baby! They discussed blowing s*** up for quite a long time. And apparently Don and our Posh Pink Hussy go waaaay back.

"More than one of the hussies is curious as to the details of Sahara's BDSM research. Speaking of our posh hussy, Miss Sahara with the mesmerizing blue contacts was beyond gorgeous tonight in her fae costume."

"Ci, as always, had precious in hand (Nat and my name for her camera. Nat tried to steal it from Ci's shoulder.) "

...and was working the room, literally, on her knees in that stunning yet brief faery costume."

"Ci and Nat were seen on the dance floor having a fabulous time."

"Nat is adapting to the different time zone just in time to turn around and head back home. "

"Tomorrow is a big day for the Hussies since Nat is nominated for one of the RT Reviewers Choice Awards."

Guess who will be wooting the loudest when our hussy wins? GO NAT!!!!!!!!!!


Deb said...

Wow, they all look fabulous!
I love the fairy ball.
Nat, WTG Chicka!!! Do you get an award to hold? if so we need a Picture.
Ci, where the heck are you?? I have not seen you in the Pictures.
Hugz Hussy's ! Remember what happens in Pittsburgh stays in Pittsburgh. *VBEG*

Ashlyn Chase said...

Congratulations, Nathalie!

I didn't realize you were in the running for an RT award. Best of luck for the win!

Ash *missing all the fun. Boo hoo.

Dani said...

I'm lovin all these pictures! You're fairy costume was cool Ci. I loved it! Sahara's was beautiful as well. Where was Nic during all this? I saw Nat in the pictures, but no Nic.

Congrats Nat! I hope you win the RT award!!