Thursday, April 17, 2008


Wednesday night at RT was the EC party. A grand kick-off to RT. The theme this year was old Hollywood, and in true old Hollywood fashion it was resplendant with people having some sensual fun.

"The EC party was great!!!" Hussy Nic reported. "The cover models did a little performance that had the ladies all drooling. Everyone was looking gorgeous in their gowns."

Glamour was abundant!

Known not just for her fabulous books, Tawny Taylor's costumes are always anticipated with excitement and last night she treated everyone with a Breakfast at Tiffany's outfit. Go Tawny!

Earlier that day, The Hussies attended the ebook booksigning. A first time event. They will also be participating in the Saturday's print booksigning. A lot of people turned out for this event. Below is Sahara's oftentimes writing partner, S.L. Carpenter (Scott)

Sahara Kelly was Grace Kelly - gorgeous (although she did have several requests for a demonstration of how she could make the pearls on the chest twirl in a circle, being the true gracious hussy, she declined and instead gave us a gracious pose with the handsome Scott Carpenter, her Partner in Passion.) Later she demonstrated her soft-shoe dancing abilty with the ever vivacious Liddy Midnight.

Naughty Hussy, Nic, found a few up close and personal moments with California Bad Boy, Christian.

Ciana's taste ran more toward an affectionate hug from the divine Andrei Claude.

Nathalie was glorious in her tastefu gown and the sneaky hussy ducked out before Ci could catch her with her brand of hunk. But then she's still on European time so we'll let her slide ... until tomorrow night.

Nic, Sahara, Scott and Ci closed down the bar with friends, Christian, the fabulous gals from Fallen Angel Reviews.

More "The Hussies do RT" news... to follow.


Deb said...

Wow, that is a most go to party if you go to RT.
Every looked Fabulous!

Sally Painter said...

AGREE, DEB! I'm looking forward to going next year.