Sunday, April 20, 2008

Deep Undercover Hussy Nat!

Filename: Deep Undercover Hussy
Date: 17 April 2008
Security Level: Ludicrous
Agents: Classified
Location: Hilton Pittsburgh

Deep undercover is what the Lethal Hussy has been up to. A mission so dangerous, so secret, not even the other Hussies could be informed. For their protection.

Since she’s arrived, Nat has put on a front. Yes, people. During the day, she’s the goofy, gangly chick with the funny hair, hugging people and threatening the Hussies with Red Bull. But at night, when everyone invades the bar and have fun, take pictures and exchange business cards, when they think she’s sleeping, Nat dons her silver cape (with most excellent contrast black stitching, dahlin’) and goes on secret missions filled with danger and threat lurking around every corner. She’s not at liberty to discuss the details, of course, but rest assured she kicks ass and takes names. Oh yeah, baby. Saving the galaxy is much better and more exciting than, say, getting hit by the baddest case of the jetlag in known history and being forced to go lay down at 10pm before collapsing in a snoring heap in the corner. Yeah, much better. Because, erm, um, the Lethal Hussy isn’t such a wussy, now is she?! Of course not! Who said that?! Huh? Who? Who?

That’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

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