Monday, April 14, 2008

Winner - Things We Do For Love

On Thursday I ask to hear about the wildest things you all had done for love. I also offered a $25 gift card for the person with the best tale of what they'd done.

Hands down, Amy, you went to extremes. Wow! What a dedicated fan. Get in touch with me by email for you gift card.

For those of you who didn't get to read Amy's story, I've posted it below.

I spent $250 (roundtrip - the one thing that was "cheap") on airfare to Puerto Rico. I spent I don't even remember - over $400 for my 1/3 of a hotel room (for a total of 5 nights). I spent at least a couple hundred dollars on souvenirs and gods only know how much on food and cold beverages. Shared taxis probably another $100 at least, plus tips, for sightseeing. I spent $120 total on a bus from the hotel to a concert venue (total 4 concerts, $30 each night). I spent $675 for a total of 4 concert tickets. I was was in the 6th row, third row, fifth row - and the last night in the VIP section, second row, meaning AT the stage by the second song.I DID also get to meet tons of folks I had only met online before, had outstanding food not available anywhere close to where I live, and had the time of my life. And yeah, it was worth it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Ricky Martin. Opening of the Black and White Tour in Feb. 2007. He sold out the venue four nights in a row; new world record and all that. And ya know what? I also went BACK to Puerto Rico in August of 2007 for two more concerts when the live CD/DVD was filmed/taped. Plus Madison Sq. Garden in NYC and Fairfax, VA.Previous tour I think I saw him 5(?) concerts, and the one before that 4, plus a cd signing in Toronto. And I've seen him far less than MANY of my friends.

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