Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Gettin' Naughty -- The Things We Do For Love

The theme this week is the Meatloaf song I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That). As Sahara said on Monday, most of us would do anything when it comes to close friends and family. A few weeks ago we had to put my dog to sleep because he was ill. The cat, Louie, has been needy and depressed ever since.

This week we went out and got a kitten so Louie would have a companion. The new kitten, Onyx, is a total spaz. The picture to the left is the mugshot they took at the shelter.

When we first introduced them, Louie followed Onyx everywhere. Then the kitten started attacking his tail and Louie became rather annoyed. I tried shutting Onyx up in the bedroom for a while to give both of them a break, but Louie started crying for her. Ugh! Yup, when it comes to my family, I'll put up with just about anything.

But I won't do that. Hmm...this ambiguous part of the song leaves a lot of wiggle room. Personally, there's a lot I won't do for love, which is probably part of the reason I'm single. LOL! For example, I won't compromise what I believe in or try to be anything other than who I am. I also won't do anything illegal.

Love will make you do and say some insane things! I admit to having acted stupid a time or two in the name of love. What about you? What would you or have you done in the name of love? Died your hair purple because its his favorite color? Bought an exotic pet to capture his attention? Jumped from a perfectly good airplane?

I want to hear from you so let's make it a contest. Post the wild and craziest things you'd do or have done for love in the comments. It can be something you considered doing but didn't go through with. We want details so one sentence isn't going to cut it. Get your comments in by Sunday April 13th. On Monday, I'll pick one lucky person to win a $25 online gift card for

I can't wait to read what you come up with. Make it good. You never know, you just might inspire a scene in my next book. If so, I'll give you credit in the dedication.

Good luck!

So naughty it's scandalous!


NathalieGray said...

Oooh, I can't wait to see what folks come up with. *eeveel hand rubbing*

Nicole Austin said...

I know. I'm dying to read all the crazy moments. :D

N.J.Walters said...

I love Onyx! Congrats on the newest edition to your family.

As for love...I'd do a lot for love, but I won't change who I am for anyone. Compromise is part of any relationship, but not to the point where you lose who you are.

Have I done stupid things in the name of love. Sure. When I was sixteen, I had a boyfriend who had a motorcyle. I got on that bike wearing a halter top and shorts. How stupid was that. If we'd wiped out, I wouldn't have had any skin left to talk about. At least I was wearing a helmet. *g*

Ciana Stone said...

Bring on the stories!! Is everyone shy to post the crazy things they've done? Okay,I'll start. I spent a weekend at a nudist resort because my honey once told me that was something we should do at least once. Once was enough, I can tell you that! I wince every time I remember having to cross the dining room to get to the salad bar!! What I saw standing there STILL gives me nightmares. Ah, the things we do for love :)

Lover of Books said...

The one thing I did for my hubby was before we got married. I gave him a bj. Plus it was my first, that is how I woke him up one morning. :) It was a leap of faith on my part since I had to make myself go through with it. lol He had asked me sometime to try it and I thought he lost his mind. lol

There is pretty much nothing I won't do for my husband. But then he knows my limits and won't ask of me something that I am not willing to do. :)


TK Winters said...

Gee ... the thing I did for love was crazy, but it wasn't sexually crazy. Or maybe it was. lol I really, really wanted to be honest and have sex at the same time, so I got married. The crazy thing was--I moved to Alaska in order to do all that ... and the sex part? Well that didn't happen. LOL

Anonymous said...

I think the craziest thing I did was when I was in college I liked my twin sister's boyfriend amd I talked her into exchanging dates one time. Wow was that a mistake since we ended up at the same function and people that knew us almost gave it away by asking us which twin we were, and things that made our dates look confused. And they were. We only did that once since it was a very tense night and needless to say, I didn't like him so much after that. Joy

Nicole Austin said...

Oh, wow. I bet that was a trip, Joy! Did you ever fess up to the guys that you'd switched?

Amy said...

K, this wasn't for romantic love, or even lust. Fandom, I guess - and, no, I didn't say femdom!

I spent $250 (roundtrip - the one thing that was "cheap") on airfare to Puerto Rico. I spent I don't even remember - over $400 for my 1/3 of a hotel room (for a total of 5 nights). I spent at least a couple hundred dollars on souvenirs and gods only know how much on food and cold beverages. Shared taxis probably another $100 at least, plus tips, for sightseeing. I spent $120 total on a bus from the hotel to a concert venue (total 4 concerts, $30 each night). I spent $675 for a total of 4 concert tickets. I was was in the 6th row, third row, fifth row - and the last night in the VIP section, second row, meaning AT the stage by the second song.

I DID also get to meet tons of folks I had only met online before, had outstanding food not available anywhere close to where I live, and had the time of my life. And yeah, it was worth it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Sally Painter said...

Great contest, Nic! Loved your post. Onyx is so sweet!!!!!!!!

Nicole Austin said...

Oh my gosh, Amy. Who did you go through all that to see?

Thanks, Sally! Onyx is a trip. She spent 3 hours lying on my lap purring like an outboard motor. LOL!

Amy said...

Ricky Martin. Opening of the Black and White Tour in Feb. 2007. He sold out the venue four nights in a row; new world record and all that. And ya know what? I also went BACK to Puerto Rico in August of 2007 for two more concerts when the live CD/DVD was filmed/taped. Plus Madison Sq. Garden in NYC and Fairfax, VA.

Previous tour I think I saw him 5(?) concerts, and the one before that 4, plus a cd signing in Toronto. And I've seen him far less than MANY of my friends.

And for those of you that aren't aware, he's a UN Goodwill Ambassador, runs the Ricky Martin Foundation/People for Children ( which works against the worldwide issue of child sex slave trade exploitation, he has built homes with Habitat for Humanity after the tsunami, and is a noted philanthropist and activist, having spoken to UN subcommitees, Congressional committees, and worked with Sting and his Rainforest Foundation, and Pavarotti and Friends concerts for WarChild. He's WAY more than just a pretty face with a body that can dance like no other. I'm not biased in the least, of course. I was lucky enough to meet his dad twice after concerts (in the audience) and he was a very gracious gentleman as well, and proud papa.

Nicole Austin said...

Wow, great stories. Hands down, Amy, you really went all out to see Ricky! Wow! Sounds like you had a great time and made some wonderful memories.