Friday, April 11, 2008

Anything for love? Really?

So in the world of the paranormal, you do know this opens an entirely limitless realm of possibilities.

Would you? I mean could you be a vamp? What would that really really mean? First you’d have to be bitten, preferably on the neck. Then you’d have to give a most generous donation of blood. If that’s not enough to give you pause, then consider the fact you’re going to need to D-I-E and then, you’ll come half-way back, neither dead nor alive – UNDEAD. Aside from the bonus of being immortal and never-aging, what do you get in exchange for this demonstration of eternal love?

Well, you never have to look at yourself in the mirror again. Oops, what do you do about hair, makeup? How do you check for anything you might not want on your face or something stuck between your ah… fangs? Guess that means your new life-mate as in immortal lover will do that for ya! But how would it impact self-esteem and self-worth if you could never see your reflection again.

Hmm… And oops, now you have this constant thirst for warm human blood. So unless you are a sophisticated vamp, that means you’re going to have to hunt down and kill for every meal, but wait that’s not all. You cannot go out in the daylight, at least not unprotected, but that’s okay because you now love the night like you used to love sunny days at the beach. You are one with the nocturnal world.

You are on the higher end of the scary creatures’ food chain, but you are going to have some competition from weres, ghosts, demons, ghouls, zombies, gargoyles, and well, it’s a whole new world that you’re just beginning to experience. But, you really did believe you would do anything for love and after all, now you have your man, so it was worth all the cannots.

On the positive side of this transformation, you can’t die, you already did that. You can fly. You are immortal as long as you avoid garlic, holy water, stakes, and having your head cut off. Gulp! You can communicate telepathically. Yay. You will know what loverboy wants before he says it. That can be quite handy. (g)

You can hypnotize unsuspecting humans and seduce them into being compliant so you can have a meal. If you’re lucky you may find willing donors who will let you feed on them. Yes, there are folks who will do anything to be of service to a vamp. Many think they’ll be turned as a reward for their service. Little do they know. Sigh.

Your aging stopped when you transformed, but you will soon learn you can shape shift into just about anyone or anything you desire. That could provide some bedroom fun with you eternal beloved. Just be glad you didn’t fall for a werewolf. Imagine what you’d do with all that body hair. Eww. Of course, your hunger would only last a few nights a month, but at least a vamp can still be sexy and pretty.
Now if you’d opted for a gargoyle makeover, be warned, you’ll transform into your gargoyle form come day, but as long as you avoid the sunlight, you won't turn into stone. BE CAREFUL! You'll be the good guy of the nocturnal group. You hunt demons! Oh, you'll also gain telepathic powers and the ability to distinguish demons from humans. Definitely a plus since you’ll have the uncontrollable instinct to slay every demon you see, because that's what you now live for.

All in all, it takes a mighty big love to agree to transform into one of these paranormal creatures and to do so would mean an eternal commitment, so I advise you make darn sure before saying you’ll do anything for love when it comes to these creatures.


Nicole Austin said...

The downsides of this were what?LOL! Heck, I'm already half vamp. Spending eternity with Drac might be kinda cool. *g*

Great post, Sally. I never considered not being able to look in a mirror to do your hair and make-up.

Sally Painter said...

I hear ya, Nic. I've always been a vamp, too.

The refleciton thing really bothered me when I wrote All I Need, so part of my world building was they appeared ghostlike in mirrors, but could still see themselves. Kinda of a not dead, but not alive reflection.

I have one scene where a vamp is helping the heroine with facial prosthetics so she can infiltrate her lover's nightclub. He tells her to “Hold the mirror so the light doesn’t reflect directly in it. It’ll give a better image.”

Just a little vamp trick for getting a better reflection.


Minime said...

I already ever look in the mirror so that wouldn't be a problem for me. :-) I have short hair that I don't have to do anything with, except maybe run a brush through it every now and then. And I don't wear makeup. So being a vamp wouldn't be that bad.

Ciana Stone said...

well it was sounded pretty darn good to me -- until I got to the warm blood part -- then the gag reflex took over and I realized that vegetarians make horrible vampires. Maybe I'm more in the ghoul category. Although those vampire fangs are pretty snazzy. Hmmmm, food for thought :)

Great post!!