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Dream Lovers of Gargoyle Castle

I'm thrilled that EC has repurposed Dream Lovers of Gargoyle Castle into a single title. It's great to have the fantastic Syneca cover for one of my first gargoyle books.

To celebrate, I'm holding a contest on my website for a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate. The contest ends at midnight October 31 and the winner will be announced on November 1.

Oh, and The Halloween Newsletter is up and if you wish to join the yahoo newsletter list, ( ) it's very low volume with only announcements and a newsletter every 2-3 months. Some of the contests that I've run in the past have been strictly for the yahoo group, so you may wish to hang out and see what's happening for the rest of the year and the big plans for 2010 sign up.

Below is an excerpt for your reading pleasure. Have a great Monday!

Copyright © SALLY PAINTER, 2006
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

He led her down a hall and paused in front of a door. The air was electric. Keenly aware of his body so close to her, Tessa panted, trying to refrain from reaching down and grabbing his shaft between her hands.

“I have prepared a nice retreat for us.” He opened the door. Candles flickered in the dark room, giving an instant rush of warmth and romantic glow. Before she could comment, he shoved the door closed and gathered her into his arms.

Demanding lips covered hers. He tasted strong, virile and hot. Oh, so hot and ready. His thick cock pressed against her abdomen and large arms ribboned with powerful muscles encased her. The need to feel him inside her blazed white-hot. He was like a rock of male flesh against her tender breasts. Big hands were everywhere, grasping her buttocks, massaging her breasts then plunging beneath the gown to squeeze tender nipples hard.

She moved her lips over his and opened her mouth to taste him fully. Thrusting his tongue inside, he captured hers in a frenetic twisting and curling. Her mind burst with all kinds of longings and fantasies. He would do whatever she asked, after all it was her dream. Long, powerful fingers threaded into her hair as he pulled her head back to receive the rapid plunging of his tongue into her mouth. Electrical pulses streaked to her clit sending the need for relief racing up her spine in jagged, fiery streaks.

“I knew ye would be mine from the first moment I saw ye. I’ve waited for someone all these years and it was ye,” he said and lifted her from the floor, taking long strides across the room to gently lay her onto silky linens. The cool material greeted her but quickly warmed. His eyes reflected the fire scorching inside her.

“This feels so real. It’s the best dream I’ve ever had.”

“I will be the best lover ye ever had, Tessa.” He splayed his hand over her gown, letting his fingers massage her abdomen.

“I-I definitely want you to prove that to me, right now.” She reached around his muscular thighs and cupped his firm buttocks. The contact of his flesh under her fingers sent wild streaks of need pulsing harder to her groin. She wanted to feel him inside her.

He supported himself with both hands planted on either side of her head. His hard cock brushed her thigh.

“Spread yer legs,” he said in a deep husky voice that melted her into a mindless creature with only one thought, to do whatever he asked. “I want to see yer sweet pussy.”

Fire blazed through her. Trembling, she lifted her legs slightly, parting them.

A low appreciative groan vibrated from him.

“Now, remove yer gown,” he commanded.

Again, she did as he ordered with her fingers slipping against the material. Tightening the grasp, Tessa pulled the gown over her head and let it drop forgotten on the bed.

“Yes,” he said with his fiery breath fanning over her stomach. “Oh yes, ye are most pleasing.” He shifted and pushed her thighs wider apart and let his gaze move slowly over her. Waves of heat washed tender splotches over her following the path of his deliberate regard.

“Ye are indeed a gorgeous woman, Tessa, and I intend to make ye my woman.” He lowered his mouth to her shaved pussy, slipping his tongue inside the mounded crease. She moaned, luxuriating in the flicking motion against the tender flesh. His tongue pressed against the aching throb and flickered against her clit. She moaned, moving her hips to thrust against the building sensations. His tongue darted around her swollen nub, teasing against the hood of her pussy. He caught the folds between his lips in a slow kiss, sucked and tugged against her. The sensation made her wild and Tessa released a deep moan, wiggling under his expertise. Incited by her reaction, he plunged his tongue between the fleshy mounds once more and lashed against her clit harder and faster.

Undulating beneath the teasing, she matched the erotic rhythm. Her body tingled with a need greater than any she’d ever felt. When his hand trailed along her waist and to her breasts, her breath rushed from her in expectation. He closed his thumb and forefinger around the tip and squeezed. She gasped against the intense pleasure streaking to her clit. He released the nipple, only to squeeze a little harder, all the while flicking his tongue faster against her clit.

She twisted under the delightful flames lashing against her pussy. A fierce need roiled in her. His other hand trailed down to her leg and joined his mouth against her pussy where he slipped one finger into her, then another. She groaned under the added sensation of thrusting fingers as he finger-fucked her while flicking his tongue harder. His fingers plunged deeper, drawing her breath from her with each thrust. Cascades of pleasure and heat pulsed through her and up her spine, building upon each new wave of pleasure. The rhythm grew and she lifted her hips to meet it, rising higher with each scorching wave until ecstasy burst in shards of hot release. She shuddered and cried out, molten sensations carrying her deeper in wave after wave of orgasmic spasms.

He sucked against the rush of her juices flowing from her opening and eased his fingers from her pussy. He traced circles around her throbbing clit and the walls of her pussy clamped closed and opened again around his fingers.

“Aye, ye are a comely lass.” His words were muffled as he buried his head between her legs to lick her pulsing clit once more. “Let’s have ye on yer sweet stomach, shall we?”

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