Monday, November 03, 2008

Good Reads for November!

November is a great month to read and this November in particular because we have TWO new books coming out in The Hussies Series!!

On November 5th (this Wednesday folks!)Sally Painter has Fae's Gargoyle for us. Here's a little teaser for you:

Maria Jennings awakes to find a naked man in bed with her—how he got there is a blank. Her shock soon turns to panic when she recognizes gargoyle warrior Denton Prescott, the man she’s loved—and hungered for—for years. Before she can steal away, Denton, the sexiest hunk ever to draw breath is seducing her again, and it’s every bit as hot as she ever dreamed.

Scorching sex aside, Maria is a Hussy, and her reawakened desires for him threaten her mission—to save Denton. But Denton has a mission of his own—convincing Maria it takes more than the loss of gargoyle magic to stop two soul mates from falling in love. He’ll use every weapon in his erotic arsenal to prove it.

Wooo baby, I got to have me some of that action!!

And to wind up your month with some heat that won't drive up your power bill (but might drive up the winter action in your house), Nicole Austin gives us Have a Little Faith in Me. Here's a snippet to tantalise you:

Believing in the paranormal is no stretch for healthcare worker Andreana Costas. She’s used to dealing with things most people won’t admit exist, but convincing a man of science to have faith in her intuition—impossible.

Andi has no choice. A mystical warrior assigned her a mission which will have a profound impact on all mankind. Success requires big personal sacrifices, like the career she loves and the hunky doc she desires.

Helping trauma surgeon Darius Raines race to the rescue and save the world just in the nick of time is going to require all the bravery and strength she can muster.

That along with some duct tape, a few silk ties, and a nice firm bed.

Duct take, silk ties and a firm bed? I'm there baby! Can't wait to get my hands on this one.

This is Ci wishing you all a great week and daring you all to beat me to the front of the line on opening day of these great reads:)

Big hugs!!


Sally Painter said...

Thanks Ci and congrats Nic! I'm thrilled to have a hussy book being published! Woot!

Nicole Austin said...

Thanks, Ci, and right back atcha, Sally! The Hussies series is such a blast to write. :D