Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fae's Gargoyle - Top Pick!

The reviews are coming in for Fae's Gargoyle. Below are some snippets:

"Fae’s Gargoyle will sweep you up in erotic passion as the plot quickly pulls you into the dilemma that faces the destined lovers. The characters develop with each page to give you a well-rounded romance that sizzles and leaves you burning for more of Ms. Painter’s sexy gargoyle stories. Fae’s Gargoyle is a great read and a satisfying quickie..." Night Owl Romance


"Fae’s Gargoyle is like a smooth, rich square of silky chocolate; deeply satisfying, incredibly decadent and completely delicious. This one is sure to have existing fans whooping in joy and sure to create new fans in just a few pages. Ms. Painter is proving to be quite the force in erotic romance writing." Sensual eCataromance


"This erotic fantasy will keep you flushed and fanning yourself, as the newlyweds enjoy each other. The sensuality shared between them can only hold danger off for so long; soon trouble comes knocking on the door. Maria has to complete her mission which happens to include her new husband.

Even though this is a petite fable, it is savory. It is everything you would expect in a longer novel only compressed. The vivid writing will make you feel every caress and penetrating kiss." Bitten By Books


"Sally Painter writes passionate full-bodied whimsical stories that never fail to thrill readers. With FAE'S GARGOYLE we meet this unlikely pair (a fae and a gargoyle) who despite their differences and the troubling situation love with a single-mindedness that is simply enchanting. Of course there's plenty of conflict and butt kicking..." Romance Junkies

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