Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kiss me baby!

We all do it. Love it. Enjoy it. We all remember the first time we did it - Kissed a lover.

Scientists believe that the biological process and motivation of kissing is more than just an attraction or a chemical response. It's all about taste testing. A kiss can help you determine if the recipient is a good match for your life partner. So what does the taste test tell you?

There are many subconscious messages been transmitted to each of you when your lips meet that first time, but there are more conscious messages being processed and evaluated.

It's a known fact that if your romance is escalating and moving to the next stage, the first kiss is going to determine if you keep going or if everything comes to a screeching halt with the sound effect of a needle scratching across an old vinyl record echoing in your head.

Many wonderful romances have been doomed by a bad first kiss. Chances are if that first kiss doesn't curl your toes, you aren't going to grant a do-over. No second chances with the first kiss because you've got all the information you need to make that decision.

So will being a good kisser help you in this taste test? Surprisingly, this is one time practice and expertise doesn't mean much.

The first criteria is to put your heart into it. You can't just kiss someone without genuine emotion and expect your partner not to sense it. Kissing should be fun and exciting. It should set your heart pounding and your senses tingling. If the chemistry isn't there, no amount of kissing techniques can change it.

On the flipside, if that first kiss spark ignites a wildfire, then you're on to more great kisses and romantic moments with your newfound love.

So pucker up those lips and get ready to taste test romance..

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