Friday, February 13, 2009

Science takes the heart out of romance

You feel giddy, flushed and unable to think about anyone but your lover. You’re in love and it’s all coming from your heart.


According to neuroscientist researchers it’s actually coming from your head. Science can now explain how romantic love really works and it’s all about hormones, genetics and of course the big processor – our brains.

According to these researchers it all takes place in four little areas of your brain. In other words, it depends on how you’re wired as to how you respond to love and romance.

Another disheartening find for die-hard romantics is that the emotion that love creates is really a chemical response that basically makes you addicted to love. Oh yeah, you already knew love was addictive, but now you have the science to back up your suspicions.

Does this explain why people die for love or even kill for it? Are we truly slaves to nothing more than chemical reactions?

Whether you’re madly in love or horribly heartbroken, it’s still just a chemical reaction that these scientists compare to a cocaine addiction.

So what next? A new drug to give you the same feelings of being in love when you aren’t?

Maybe you’re like the rest of us romantics and simply prefer not to think about the science but just enjoy the way love feels.

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