Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How well do you know your Valentine?

Surprising, many surveys reveal that women know their men better than the guys know their gals. Okay, maybe you’re laughing about now because you already knew this. What would be the results of your personal survey ?

The following questions will help you determine just how well you know each other.Be sure and get your Valentine to answer the questions too.

You can highlight the questions and then print two copies for each of you. The first will be your answers about your lover and the second will be the answers about yourself. Once finished, swap papers and compare notes. Be sure and leave a comment on how you did.

What is your lover’s…

  1. Ideal romantic weekend?

  2. Favorite gift to receive on Valentine’s Day?

  3. Hobbies?

  4. Favorite school year?

  5. Favorite musical group?

  6. Dream car?

  7. Favorite color?

  8. Best friend’s name?

  9. Deepest passion?

  10. Cherished dream?

  11. Biggest challenge overcome?

  12. Favorite book?

  13. Shoe size and clothing sizes?

  14. Ring size?

  15. Least favorite thing to do?

  16. Favorite food?

  17. Worst memory?

  18. Biggest fear?

  19. Closest relative?

  20. Biggest challenge facing him/her?

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