Monday, February 16, 2009

Free Book - Lap Dance

Cat’s last task in the Extreme Challenge is to give a lap dance to a stranger. Simple—until she landed on Grant Evanston’s lap. Now she’s a pulsating wreck each time she rubs against him. The new challenge is to not have an orgasm in front of everyone.

Grant needs a woman to accept his true gargoyle form before sunrise or he’ll be imprisoned in stone for another twenty years. His extreme challenge just became to not rip the scant costume from the curvaceous Cat. The sexy redhead has set him on fire and there’s only one way this teasing lap dance can end.


Stiffening her spine, Cat took a deep breath, before turning back to the handsome man still watching her. His blue eyes were like magnets and latched onto her gaze.

The crowd clapped when she returned and sexy Grant opened his arms wide in a greeting.

“Come on, Cat, I’ll be good. I promise,” he said, giving her a wicked grin.

She closed her eyes. This was the most humiliating challenge yet. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes to the knowing look moving over his handsome face.

“This is not personal,” she said.

“Wanna bet?” he asked with a deep chuckle.

She shook her head and straddled him, letting her bare legs fall against his thighs. He released a deep groan.

Did he have to do that? Her heart pounded faster. She locked trembling hands behind his neck. Well, damn, his neck was like a thick piece of human steel. What did this guy do for a living? Or was he one of those body-builder types?

Her palms were clammy and the nightclub seemed to close in around her. The shouts and cheers were deafening as she rolled her head forward and let her long hair cover his face.

She couldn’t think about how she was sitting on a stranger’s lap about to grind her pussy into… She swallowed hard. Was that…oh yes…it certainly was an erection. She lifted her head, peering at him through strands of curls. He shrugged and a slanted grin lifted one corner of his lips.

Oh, he had no shame or modesty. She closed her eyes, refusing to look at him again and started to grind against him. The last thing she wanted to see was that satisfied grin or the excitement dancing in his eyes.

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