Monday, August 20, 2007

Come on baby light my fire...

should have been the song in my mind when my Saturday grilling got a bit out of hand.

When I returned five minutes later after ducking inside the nice a/c to escape the 100o plus grill heat, I was met with roiling smoke that didn't smell too good. When I opened the grill the flames were bursting beneath the aluminum foil supporting the entire surface which held all my juicy wonderful veggies I was cooking. (I cook once a week and then seal a meal them to the freezer for a week or a couple of week's worth of meals.)

Hubby to the rescue... sorta. He brought a big pan with a turner and began removing the precious veggies we'd chopped up that well, took a bit longer than it should ;).

Seems the drip pan, not the tiny one but the big one had some leftover grease in it and the olive oil had dripped through a little hole in the aluminum foil. Salt to the rescue. Yay! Used the whole box. Clean up later was not too fun.

So in we go to wait for the grill to cool so I could cook the 16 breasts of chicken.

I decided to go upstairs to check email while I waited and sat down and that is when the heat really hit me. Well, it didn't subside even with the ceiling fan on high. Off came my top, still too hot, off came my shorts... that kind of grilling was too hot. And once it had cooled down enough to start all over I was tempted to just go out as I was. LOL.

Then this morning hubby sent me an IM (he's just across the hall in his office) to this story about a family who had a similar incident but were not lucky. I guess the only reason that wasn't us was because it was too hot to reach underneath the pan to turn off the gas. These people are fortunate!


Ciana Stone said...

ROFLMAO!! I know it could have been quite dangerous - even deadly, but I can't help but laugh picturing the two of you with that blazing grill!

A true Hussy moment :)

Sally Painter said...

It really was, Ci! LOL.

Julianne said...

Oh Sally, your poor vegetables!!
But you didn't mention what happened after all the clothes came off. Inquiring minds ya know! LoL. You are very lucky that more body parts weren't singed or burnt.
And that poor family that wasn't so lucky.

Sally Painter said...

Hey Jules,

A hussy never tells everything. ;)