Friday, August 03, 2007

Reading Erotic Romance

I was asked the other day what the diff between erotic romance, erotica and porn was. In all fairness the person asking was a dear friend who really didn't know and of course, I did enlighten in a gentle way.

But, this made me stop to realize how many people who are romance readers still do not grasp the difference. AND, the reason why is because of their pre-conceived ideas about the genre lean toward the wrong side of the spectrum and are blind to the word that follow erotic - Romance.

So for those here reading erotic romance, what do you find it offers that typical romance doesn't?


Julianne said...

I think it involves the reader more and pulls them into the book. The relationships between the characters in the book are hotter and more descriptive than a regular romance novel. It heightens the senses for me to read erotic than just romance.

Sandra said...

I've found that I've become bored with vanilla romance. Not enough passion involved between the author and the characters. I need to be able to feel that chemistry steaming off those pages and regular just wasn't making the cut. For the past few years, my reading habit had trickled down tremendously until I decided to give erotic romance a chance. Now I can't get enough. Much to the dismay (I go through books like a woman who hasn't had chocolate in decades in a chocolate factory) and joy (he reaps the benefits of what I read) of my hubby.

I still buy regular romance, but only books for existing series. Hardly do I buy any new authors of regular romance.

LindseyAnn said...

I find that the more detailed love scenes show all the nuances of emotion that can occur between a romance developed or developing. Then again, romance is always developing. These scenes show how many ways there are to show love, from the vanilla to the kinky, the dirty to the tender, and every shade in between.

And that's what I like!

Dani said...

In reading erotic romance I found that it draws my imagination out more. I can feel the scene and see myself in it. Not to mention the obvious that it's more graphic than regular romances. I still like the "vanilla" romance because it'a a break I need from the spiciness of the erotic romances.

Sally Painter said...


I agree. The sensual content is higher and the love scenes are much much longer. (vbg)

Sally Painter said...

Ah, that is a problem, Sandra when we get so accustomed to something we need it to be taken up a notch.

Sally Painter said...


I love the way you expressed that!

Sally Painter said...


That's a true sign of a great book!