Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A ghost in my house

Well, I haven't had time to smudge and white light room by room like I typically do whenever I've moved into a new house. I did what my mom would call a lick and a promise.

The other morning I was awakened at 5:30 but didn't know what had awakened me. I rolled over beside hubby and suddenly the bathroom door that I close until I hear it catch every night swung open.

I felt the presence of a young girl about nine years old. I didn't say anything because I wanted to see what she was up to since we've been waked up several time by the tv in our bedroom suddenly turning on. The cat jumped off the bed and moved to sit in front of the closet doors looking up as though watching someone. Then he turned and ran from the room and bounded down the stairs as though chasing something or someone.

I sighed and told myself I would have to send the girl on her way later and went back to sleep only to be awakened a few hours later by the TV downstairs in the den blaring. My husband was not in bed, so I assumed he'd decided to watch the morning news a bit louder than norm, so I called down to him, okay I had to yell to be heard above the noise and asked him if he could turn it down a bit, only to have him respond from his office across the hallway, saying he was just about to ask me to do the same thing.

So yesterday I did tell the entity she had to leave because I didn't sense she really needed my help. She was just being mischievous, which my pal, Melissa, verified for me this morning.

Anyway, I guess I spoke too soon about not having any entities in the new house. Hopefully, there won't be anymore passersby. After all these years of dealing with them, I've pretty much put up a do not disturb sign. Maybe I need to make my sign bigger. (g)


Julianne said...

Wow Sally, a mischievious little ghost. Maybe your cat turns on the TV. LOL!! I think thats so cool that you can talk to them.

Susan said...

Yikes! I'm a big wuss about things that go bump in the night. I've never seen a spirit and I'm sure I'd probably pee my pants if I did. I've seen too many horror movies....eek. The last one I seen was the Grudge with Sarah Michelle Gellar. The freaky sound effects scared me..shiver.

Dani said...

Dang Sally, maybe you should make the sign bigger.

I've seen a few spirits, but luckly none close up. Well there was a time when I was about 10 yrs old and I saw a shadow figure (what I mean by this is that you couldn't see any features just the person standing there in a dark form) of a man standing in my room and let me tell you that freaked me out. I also saw a shadow figure of a bull that we used to own standing over my bed one night too. When I looked up at it, it looked down at me. Now talk about freaky.

I still see things here and there and sometimes I hear thing when no one else is around, but I was always told that was my mind playing tricks on me. Oh well. LOL

Sally Painter said...

Hey Jules,

It took me a long time not to be afraid of the things I see.

Sally Painter said...


I was as a child, believe me, espeically when I was told it was all my imagination.

I saw that movie and it freaked me out too. The skipping frame photography reminded me of The Ring when the creature came out of the TV. That was so well done too.

Sally Painter said...


I so know what you mean. I used to run a paranormal discussion group and a workshop, but recently turned them over my bud, Melissa.

As children I believe we are naturally open to our psychic abilities and as we grow up are trained to ignore them. At least that was the case with me until I moved into a house I later tagged as the demon house and couldn't deny them.

Ciana Stone said...

Oh Sally, I had to laugh. I can just see you in bed and your hubby in his office, both of you thinking "What the heck's up with this???"

How about a log book instead of a sign? When we first moved to "the woods" back in the 80s, we had quite a gathering of spirits. There were four who were quite active, two old men, a young boy and a man in his mid 20s (who gave off the MOST sensual vibes).

I got a bit peeved with all the additional guests, so I said I was going to leave a log book on the porch and anyone who wanted to come into the house had to either sign in, or move on to their destination.

Well, since most spirits have a difficult time with writing, it worked pretty well. Everyone but the sexy guy left. And he hung out only on the porch, which was cool. But he did get even one night when I went out for a moonlight dip in the pool. I must say it was quite an experience -- and led me to wake up honey man and give him quite an experience.

Sexy guy stayed for about a year. One night I thought I heard something outside so I went out and was enveloped by him. I knew he was there to say goodbye. It made me a little sad but I wished him well and felt him move on.

Thus far, we've had no entities here in Florida. Which is probably good since Mom is staying with us. She'd probably go out of the roof!

Sally Painter said...


I never though of the log book. That is such a clever idea. Knowing the entities who try and hang with me, they'd burn the book. LOL.

silverilex said...

we have quite a few spirits, some just here and others that cause mischief. i had one (a male) who would beat on my bathroom radiator (like indian drums) every time my daughter was getting into trouble outside the home (not kiddie stuff). spirits have always been a part of my life and i accept them. there have been some whom 'creeped' me out but only due to a feeling of negative intent. yes, we have doors that open and close, footsteps, face and/or body images, voices, objects flying off counters and shelves (once a huge bowl full of pumpkin bread batter- not funny! what a mess!!), items missing or in different places, cupboards where things fly out of them, cold touches and someone lifting my hair, banging in empty rooms, etc. two of my daughters and my son also are also aware of them. they scare the bejebbers out of my husband who believes but tries to ignore them. it's nice to know that others (in this realm! LOL) are aware of the spirits as well. too often people will look at you like you are nuts if you mention stuff like above. thanks for letting me know i'm not (too) weird! lol.