Monday, August 06, 2007

It's really an easy thang... I promise

Our power is back. There is nothing worse than being 4 hours without power when the temp is 97o. I miss the mountains. (g). This is the third time we've experienced a power outage in our new home. You'd think an entire neighborhood with underground lines would never have issues, but the first two were related to micro bursts downing trees on powerlines miles away. That's understandable. But today's outage was completely avoidable.

Six houses in our development were without power. Everyone else had power and why? Three houses down at the new construction site the guy on the Bobcat severed the power to our transformer.

So 6 guys do what? They go to lunch at 11 am. I'm serious. If I hadn't been suffocating in the heat outside and the stuffiness in the house, I would have laughed. Incredulous! They don't call the power company. They go to lunch! Fortunately, we and our neighbors who also work from home called. But according to the repair guy who showed up two hours later, these guys didn't call it in. Huh?

I have to say I'm very perplexed. I guess these yoyos assumed the power company would just know there was a power outage and where it was.

Still I have to shake my head and wonder because the repair guy said it was an every day occurrence and the construction guys never call.

I'm just happy to have some A/C going. Off to play catch up with work.


Julianne said...

Sounds like something guys would do. Or they probably figured someone else would call. Or maybe if we don't acknowledge it, it didn't really happen. I can't imagine being without power. Its so hot here, I would probably be a puddle.

Susan said...

They needed a Hussy out there to tell them what to do. LOL. Get'm Sally.

Dani said...

Typical men! If it had been women they would have called and then went to lunch. LOL

BTW, that why we own a generator. Not that someone would cut the lines in the counrty where we are, but the hurricanes will, so it's a back up for those times (or when someone stupid hits a power poll. Dumb crazy drivers).

Sally Painter said...


I think they figured everyone without power would just call. (rolling eyes)

Sally Painter said...

Hey Susan!

I like the way you think!

Sally Painter said...

Hey Dani,

When we build we already have it in the plans to install a whole house generator because we'll be back in the mountains and power always goes down in winter especially.