Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Writing is an adventure!

I'm a panster, which means I write by the seat of my pants. That's not to say I don't have some kind of thought how a book will unfold. Typically I know bits and pieces. Sometimes I know the ending and nothing more. Other times I know the middle, the dark moment but nothing more. And then sometimes I only know as much as the last sentence I wrote.

Now, I've tried to write using an outline, but quickly lost interest because for me, not knowing what is coming next is probably the most exciting part about writing. I write because I want to know what happens next, pretty much the same as I do when I pick up a book to read.

So for me, writing is the ultimate reader experience because I'm on the frontline helping mold the story, although many times, I'm just a reporter because the characters take over and lead me on a wild adventure.

Anyway, this week I'm riding high on the creative stream’s wave and having a lot of fun writing.

As a reader, what is the one thing that excites you the most about picking up a new book to read?



Julianne said...

For me I think it is how the writer introduces the characters and the qualities they have. The kind of book it is also, for instance, vampire, paranormal, historical. If you know what genre you are reading you have some sort of idea about what the story may be about. I do like those sexy vampires though. Yum!!!

Dani said...

I like learning about the characters and their backgrounds. Even if it comes out through many books. It keeps the suspence about the character going.

Susan said...

It's the anticipation of getting into an exciting read and letting the real world go for a while...:) For me that anticipation comes from knowing the authors work and/or reading the next book in a great series. Ex: Sally and her Gargoyles and Ci and her Cowboys. BTW Ci, I'm anxiously awaiting Scout'n'Cole..:) Not to knock my Hussy Queens but another book I'm anxious to get a hold of is Christine Feehan's Dark Possesion. I've followed her entire Dark series and was contemplating a run to Wally World after work tonight. Talked myself out of that because I was too tired and I knew I'd be up all night reading...lol.

I get attached to the characters and love to follow them to the next story. Of course knowing I'm in for a treat with some erotic love scenes is a BIG plus..:) Hey I'm single and live vicariously through the authors world. Hehe. I'm happy and I'm a hussy and I'm off to bed now.(BG)

Sally Painter said...

Jules, good point - reader expectation. That does play a role and hopefully raises the bar a bit so you are sometimes surprised. (g)

Sally Painter said...

Ohhh me too, Dani! That discovery is what really keeps me turning the pages.

Sally Painter said...

aww thanks, Susan. We are also readers and enjoy other authors' works too. That is what makes it such a great industry! Freehan is a queen herself! Agree with you!

Minime said...

I love meeting new characters and with some books, being transported to another location (whether it is time period, another state or even another world).