Saturday, September 01, 2007

She Said, He Said

Today we debut a new weekly feature, the She Said, He Said advice column, where the Hussies and our Official Hunk, the oh-so-gorgeous, body-to-die-for and man with a brain that turns us on, the one and only Scott Fleissner.
You've seen him in one of our most popular posters (yes, the one you all have lusted about for months),

and now that Scott has been named the Official Hunk for The Hussies, you're going to be seeing a lot more of him, and get to learn all about him.

She Said, He Said Question from "Not getting any" in NM:
"I am totally into oral sex, but my boyfriend is not. Well, he's into having it done on him, but when it's his turn he makes excuses and even when he does it, he does it really bad. What can I do to make it more appealing for him and teach him how to do it?"

Ciana: He likes it having done on him??? Well, duh! Of course he's into being on the receiving end! And if he's making excuses NOT to indulge, maybe there's a simple reason and I have one sure fire way to test it out. It's called douche. Let's face it, clean is appealing. As to his technique, have you ever bothered to tell him what feels good? Sure it's not rocket science, but every woman has her hot buttons and if you don't tell him what yours are, how's he supposed to know? Let that inner Hussy out, honey. She's not shy about telling her man what feels good.

Scott: The first thing is to talk to him about it. Not in an argumentative or embarrassinge way, just let him know how you feel about the situation, and ask him why he does not like to go down on you. You both should be open and able to talk about what's wrong and find ways to solve the problem. Honestly he might not like to do it, because the aroma down there, on some women, is rather strong. Some men find it a turn off.

Another issue might be control. When he goes down on you, you are calling the shots, some men find this intimidating. When it comes to sex men like to think they know it all and are masters at it. Most times the apposite is true. He might be bad at giving you oral sex because he doesn't enjoy it, most people are better at things they enjoy.

Besides, we don't have one of our own, so sometimes we are completely clueless as to what makes you feel good. Should we rub soft or hard, play with the clit or insert something, spread the lips or not. I am not being chauvinistic, but everyone knows its too easy to bring a guy to orgasm. Women require more attention, skill, and ingenuity to achieve the same result and everyone woman is different. Some coaching is generally very helpful.

I have no trouble telling a woman how I like it, when her mouth is full. I find most women appreciate the tips.

Well, hussies, didn't I tell you. Gorgeous and smart. Are you in lust ... ahem, I mean Love, yet? Stay tuned for next's weeks column when Scott and Sally answer an imporant question for "Single and Scared in NY" about dating and getting naked.

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This is Ciana saying have a great weekend, thanks for visiting, and remember to let your inner Hussy out to play!


stephanieb said...

I think I'm gonna like this feature!! Great advice Ci and Scott!!And Ci..I think I am in!!LOL!!

Ciana Stone said...

Hey Stephanie:)

Thanks honey, I'm glad you've found lust ... uh, I mean love :) Riding that wave myself!!

Happy Sunday :) hussy hugs!!

Julianne said...

Wow, I think this is going to be a great column. I can't believe someone else had the same question I did. That was great. And the answers were great. A man's point of view on things is fantastic. From his answers, he's not shy is he??

Ciana Stone said...

Hey Jules :)

Nope we can't accuse him of being shy and wouldn't we be disappointed if he was????

Dani said...

Jules, you too the words right out of my mouth. He's definately not shy at all and he also puts his answers so nicely. Most men I have known could be very crude about the subject.

Lisa Avila said...

Great advice from both.

Minime said...

Like I said before: Love, Lust, same thing. *smile* At least when it comes to eye candy.

I like a column like this. Gives a woman insight into the male mind. Women aren't the only ones who are hard to read at times. It's nice to know what a guy's perspective is on some personal topics.

Ashlyn Chase said...

Oh dear God/dess. *Drooling.

Ash *nothing else can be said. Just ahhhhh...

Ciana Stone said...

LMAO Ashlyn - I SO totally agree :)

Marianne LaCroix said...

I'm....I'm....speechless....after seeing....that sword poster. about inspiration