Sunday, September 16, 2007

She Said, He Said

The Hussies & The Hunk Answer All Your Questions
About Love, Romance and Sex

We're back! And this week we have a question from a gentleman in the great state of Texas who writes:

"My wife is constantly reading all these racy romance novels. The kind with a lot of graphic sex. I was curious and got her laptop and found one of them. It was written by you, Ciana, and titled Molding Clay. And it had some rather wild sex in it - lots of dominate/submissive stuff. I have to say it really turned me on, and I figured it must turn my wife on since she was reading it. I thought about maybe trying some of it on her, but what if it makes her think I've gone round the bend?

Ciana: Well then honey, you just explain that you read it, (after apologizing profusely for invading the sanctity of her laptop) and that it turned you on and what is even more of a turn on is imagining you and her in such a sexual situation. You never know, she just might surprise you and say "bring it on." And really, what have you got to lose by asking?

Scott: I definitely don't think she would think you went "round the bend". There is never any harm in talking. It must turn her on too, so why not surprise her with a little dominate/submissive stuff, start simple. Just buy some mild toys, (fuzzy handcuffs maybe) wrap them up and give them to her as a gift one night. If she says she would rather not, you throw the toys away, no harm done. But if you are both new to it and both interested, then you can both explore and discover all the various exciting aspects of domination and submission. Best of luck.

Hope that helps our guy in Texas :) Oh and say thanks to the wife for buying my book. Now, I have a question for Scott:

Ciana: Can a man respect a woman who sends him these kinds of questions??

Scott: A real man most definitely can. You know the saying, the only stupid question is the one unasked. Everybody has a question about something.

Woo hoo!! A real man. The perfect man to be the Official Hunk for The Hussies. Thanks again, Scott. Can't wait to see the question you and Sally face next week when once again, we bring our readers She Said, He Said, the Hussies and the Hunk answer all your questions about love, romance and sex.

Have a hussicilious day!

Ciana and Scott


stephanieb said...

Great advice!!I'm just lovin' this column!!

Julianne said...

I wish my husband would read some of my erotic books and get some ideas. *grin* I agree. I think he should just explain to her that he wants to experiment some and see what happens.