Sunday, September 30, 2007

Always on Sunday ... Ciana and Alpha Males

Well, as you know, I’m a sucker for an Alpha Male with a heart. Show me a man with those traits, toss in a sense of humor, the ability to not take things too seriously and a talented musician and I’m in 7th heaven.

And it just so happens that I know a man who fits the bill, and being a generous Hussy by nature, thought I’d share a little about this very special man with you.

Meet Jesus.

A man who’s “fun on wheels” (Literally) , not serious very often (but when the occasion demands can stand toe-to-toe with the best philosopher), would take a bullet for any of his friends and give his last breath for his children or family. In fact, his biggest passion is for his children, followed by his music. Trust me, when he picks up a guitar he can send you to heaven. And those hands are just as magical touching things other than a guitar J

And ladies, this is a man who doesn’t have to pretend to be an alpha male. Trust me, he’s the real deal and in an oh-so-delightful-and-sexy way. If you ask him what makes a woman sexy to him, he’ll tell you there are so many things that make a woman sexy it’s hard to name them all. Or in his words:

“..Ci, you know I could go on all day about the sexiness of your species … from the most minute details, like the way you smell and the noises you make during love making and/o r passionate animal sex … down to your fingers (I find a woman’s hands sexy) and your necks … there are just too many things about women that make them yummy.

So what does it for Jesus and what kind of woman will be lucky enough to entice this alpha male?

The most important thing to him is a submissive woman. Now we’re not talking about a weak, needy or insecure woman. Women who allow themselves to be abused emotionally or physically and think they deserve no better have no place in the life of this alpha male.

But a woman who knows what an alpha male likes and lets that man be strong and in charge, gets his motor reved. Any baby, when his motor is reved, well all I can say is Hot Dayum!! Jesus says this about what he likes in a woman:

“I like a woman that can let her armor down and feel comfortable and trust me not to hurt her or her feelings. I absolutely love to see a woman “get off”. It’s my all time favorite thing in the world. And, of course, I love to be the cause of it.”

Of course you know that I could NOT let such a delicious man go unnoticed. And yes, he’s quite the inspiration. In fact, the hero of my latest work in progress is modeled after Jesus. (And yes, I am having such a wonderful time writing this book! Of course, I do keep plenty of ice and a fan on hand just in case of overheating!!)

I asked Jesus if he could give me his best “sweet nothing” line that he’d whisper in a lover’s ear, but being the unique man he is he reminded me that “ Now Ci, you know I can’t do that. I’m a very spontaneous guy and I never use “lines” on a woman. It cheapens the experience and I’d never want a woman to think “boy if I had a nickel for every time I heard that!”. I don’t want to be lumped into a handful of other general/standard experiences that will soon be forgotten or melded.”
No danger of that, Jesus. I can vow that you’re a man that will never be forgotten. Dreamed and fantasized about. You bet’cha. But forgotten? Nope, that won’t happen.

My thanks to Jesus for agreeing to let me share a little about him with you. Jesus, if you want to whisper a sweet nothing in my ear, I promise not to blab!!

If you want to see more of Jesus, visit his MySpace page at (insert url here). This is Ciana wishing you a glorious day! Until next time remember, life is the journey, not the destination, so enjoy the trip!!


Nicole Austin said...

Great post, Ci! Jesus sounds like a great guy. I went and checked out his MySpace page. He's very talented!

Anonymous said...

hello Ci Ci ;)

ty very much 4 the awesome peice u wrote on me sunday babydoll, im sorry i didnt post a comment then but i had sum puter probz :(

anyway im way looking 4ward 2 reading your book wen its done. hey maybe u can send me an autographed copy, better yet maybe u can bring 1 2 my house ;)...*lix chops*...thanx again princess love u tonz

*grabs u by the hair n pullz u in 4a rough tongue kiss, swats that ass!*


Ciana Stone said...

oooh you sneaky man. Hey Jesus. Yes, I know that's you hiding behind that anonymous :) Thanks babe, you're the best!!


Sally Painter said...

Now that's an alpha thank you if I ever read one. The temp is rising in here.