Friday, September 14, 2007

We Are Hussies, Hear Us Roar ....

Or stand up and cheer. Sally and I are excited and honored to announce that our Hussy numbers have grown. Four fabulous writers of erotic romance have joined The Hussies, and will be writing books in The Hussies series.We're pleased a punch to have these fantastic writers as sister Hussies, and know you will be just as delighted. And who are they, you ask? Well, watch the video and find out :)

Video by Syneca/Original Syn - copyright 2007 The Hussies - All Rights Reserved

WELCOME HUSSIES! We're honored and excited to have you with us!!

Ya'll come join The Hussies tomorrow on the Ellora's Cave Chat on Yahoo and let your inner Hussy out to play. There'll be contests, cool prizes and lots of Hussy fun.

Have a hussicilious day :)


stephanieb said...

WOW!!! That's fabulous news!! Lots of great authors together!! Go Hussies!!!Have fun at the chat tomrrow, hopefully I can stop by in the afternoon after work!!

Julianne said...

Welcome to the new hussies. This is fantabulous news. Woo Hoo!!!

Sahara Kelly said...

Color me one happy Hussy! I'm fumbling around here right now, learning all kinds of things I never knew, but smiling all the time!

Wow. I'm a HUSSY! Who'da thunk it? LOL