Wednesday, September 05, 2007

These girls need a Hussy Lesson!

OMG! I cannot believe it!!!

What do you think is the #1 graduation gift for girls in Italy?

One gift-smiling girl says it's better than a car that will break down after a couple of years or a holiday (vacation) that is over and then what do you have... ah... memories? No, this gift will last her a lifetime and she is grinning although it is difficult to see her face for the over-sized gift!

Breast enlargement! Okay I can understand if you want to enhance and if there's not much endowment you might feel better to have this done, but pulesee take a look at the size of this gift! I think a back brace will soon be needed.

Hussies unite and let's educate these girls on the true value of self. Lawdy! It makes my Hussy head ache to think this girl believes this is THE GIFT.

Aside from the obvious question - What are these parents teaching their girls about self-worth? there's the real problem question - Where is she going to find clothes to fit? They just don't make a size 2 for a bust like this.

Is it fad? Media brainwashing? Culture fixation? What do you think?


Julianne said...

OMG!!!! Those are huge. They "might" and I mean that lightly, look nice now, if you could call breasts that large nice, but what are they gonna look like when she's 70?? She'll have to put them in a wheelbarrow to haul around. I can see a little augmentation to enhance and perhaps make someone feel better about themselves, but to have that much enlargement just doesn't look nice or appeal. I wonder what men actually think. If I had a daughter I wouldn't give her that present for graduation. But hey, nowadays its all about looks and nothing about what you actually are inside. Too bad thats todays society.

N.J.Walters said...

I just don't get it. I've been a barely B-cup my entire life and it hasn't hurt me one bit. I know a lot of friends who have large breasts and they're complaining of back problems all the time. My grandmother was a large-breasted woman and she was totally round-shouldered.

Plus, I can't see the point of any kind of surgery that isn't necessary for your health.

But, that's just me.

stephanieb said...

I'm one of those who already have the large ones..thanks Mom!!LOL!! back hurts all the time(and I'm only 23)..especially if I sit without something supporting behind on bleachers or even in the floor..I really don't understand why girls do this..I would gladly trade my big for small anyday!!

Susan said...

I'm with NJ on this one. Besides I wouldn't want a man who only wanted me for the size of my boobs. They'll regret it one day. Probably about the time they fall in love with a man who only sees boobs and not the person.

Sally Painter said...

Amen, sista Jules!

Sally Painter said...

I hear ya, NJ. I've always had larger breasts and never found it good or bad. I think it is all about attitude. If a woman is confident she's sexy. Same thing for a man. Some of the sexiest men I've known were not GQ guys.

Sally Painter said...

Stephanie. Ouch! I have two friends who had breast reduction because of the back pain. They have never regretted it.

Sally Painter said...

I so agree with you, Susan. Looks are not something that can support a relationship. Oops, pun! Pun!

Dani said...

I agree with Stephanie. I've always been very well endowed and it has been nothing but a pain. I'd love to get a reduction, but I can't afford it right now.

Why these girls want this Gift is totally beyond me. You have back aches, the skin gets stretched unnaturally so you end up woth stretch makes later and it just plain sucks all around. Personally, I'd rather have a car!