Monday, October 01, 2007

How to live through the next twenty four hours..

Welcome, Monday people, or as we’re more commonly known - the walking dead! Yeah, that’s not all of us, I know, but some of us have a real issue with opening at least one eye during this godawful introduction to the work week.

So the alarm’s gone off, you’ve dragged your tired butt into the shower and you’re staring at your coffeepot wondering if it’ll part with one more cup to fuel your sputtering body. Was it worth it, you wonder? Did you just have the best weekend of your entire life? Well, here’s a few ways to tell…

You woke up next to George Clooney or Brad Pitt. If you woke up between ‘em - dayum, woman…you shouldn’t be wasting time reading blogs!!!

You found a rose on your pillow. Awwww. What a guy!

You’re walking bowlegged and don’t care. Again, we say awwww, what a guy!

Most of the sheets are still on the bed, but the pillows are on the floor. And there’s a new set of handcuffs dangling from your headboard. Oh yeah. You had a real good weekend, baby.

There aren’t any tighty whities in a heap on the floor. They’re in the laundry basket. (Please post this dude’s cell phone number on MySpace. He’s an endangered species.)

And the sign you had the best weekend ever? You have both eyes open and you’ve got makeup in the right places. It’s Monday and a good hair day. And you’re singing “You shook me all night long” as you leave for work! You Hussy, you!

But in case you’re not quite at your best and you’re thinking that extra cup of coffee might just tip the scales in your favor…remember there can be side effects! LOL

For the Hussies, I’m Sahara Kelly. Happy Monday!!
When we’re good, we’re good.
When we’re bad, we’re better!


Ciana Stone said...

LMAO - I think the cat pic fits me best for Monday. But then there were no tighty whities on the floor (but honey is a boxer man). Also no George Clooney or Brad Pitt, so I guess the weekend was pretty balanced for me.

Thanks Sahara for starting Monday off with a chuckle. It's better medicine than the caffeine (and doesn't leave me bug-eyed).

polheber2 said...

Well you hussy you. *wink* BP and GC? WOW, what a visual, lemme take a second to FULLY appreciate it. Ok, yeah, got the heartrate up, eyes a LITTLE wider open now. Yeah, my weekend was well, I wish it was forgettable, let me just leave it there. So, I will pretend I had a handcuffing, thrashing about the bedclothes, steaming the windows weekend. Thanks for the inspiration Sahara!

NathalieGray said...

Oh Sahara! That cat!!! I thought I was alone looking like that on Monday mornings. I just wish I was that cute though.

Have a great week!

Nicole Austin said...

Normally, I have Mondays (I work graveyard shift on the weekends) but today is the first day of my vacation! WOOHOO! Watch out California, you're about to be hussified. *g*

That cat is great!

Ann Wesley Hardin said...

I'm walking bowlegged! But that's because I tripped over the dog. Again.

Your column brightened my Monday, you hussy you! Keep up the hussified work.

Erin the Innocent said...

LOL I hope your Monday was great *s*

NIna Nash said...

Sahara you're funny on Tuesday too! I nearly choked when I saw the cat, but I'm awake now and going to put the makeup in (hopefully) all the right places!

N.J.Walters said...

ROFL The picture of the cat is perfect!