Friday, October 05, 2007

The Paranormal Chooses You...

"The paranormal chooses you, never the other way around."

Welcome to Painted in Moonlight. It's appropriate I'm featured on Fridays since it's fright night on TV (before I discovered the scifi channel). So in that tradition, I want to share some unique and unusual paranormal stories and news with you.

For those of you who listened to my former paranormal talk radio shows, participated in my paranormal workshops or discussion lists, you know it's no longer a secret that my life is one big paranormal encounter after another. I forced myself to discuss my experiences as a self-imposed therapy and soon I was incorporating many of my experiences in my books.

To start off, I thought I'd tell you about the first real encounter I vividly recall as though it happened yesterday. When I was 6 years old, I'd just learned to ride my bike. I was pedaling around my grandparents’ large circular driveway, well, it was more of an oval shape paved in asphalt.
My grandparents had a really nice farm complete with a five-acre pond, a couple of barns and a huge machine shop formerly used for military machine fabrications. The house was built in 1909 and at the time was considered a very modern California bungalow style home with a 3/4 wrap around porch with one end topped by a large round turret.

We were in the South and back then farms used their own incinerators to burn trash. Oftentimes when my brothers, cousins and I would be playing outside on trash day, a few charred pieces of paper would escape and we'd grab our imaginary swords (sticks from fallen limbs in the woods) and slash at the black rumpled wisps of ash.

So one afternoon I was riding my bike around the driveway, when a very large piece of charred paper drifted overhead. It still had some yellow streaks on it that hadn't completely burned. It drifted to the ground a few feet from me, still intact. My little heart was pounding at finding such a glorious prize and I couldn't wait to find a stick and slash it with a big Z.

I got off my bike and unable to find a stick, reached over with the intention to just poke it with my finger when this man's voice boomed out of nowhere. "Don't touch that!" I paused and looked around, saw my grandfather sitting on the porch, reading the newspaper and oblivious to what had just happened.

So accustomed to discounting things I heard and saw because after all, they were purely my imagination, I shrugged and leaned over again, stretching out my hand towards the paper when the voice very sternly boomed, "I said, don't touch that. Go get your grandfather. Now!"

This time I jumped and ran up the drive across the lawn to the front porch. As soon as I caught my breath, I asked my grandfather to accompany me. I needed him to see something. Of course, he wanted to know what I'd found, but since I had no idea I pulled him by the hand back to the place where the ash-like paper was still resting undisturbed on the ground.

Well, his face turned as white as a sheet as we say in the South and he quickly picked up a big rock from the flower bed and dropped it in a big whooshing sound as it crushed the paper.
He bent down to me and asked, "Do you know what that was?"

I shook my head.

"Then how did you know to come and get me?"

Of course, I did the typical child thing, "I dunno." I'd already learned not to talk about the things I saw because everyone said it was just my imagination.

"Well, that was a rabid bat and had you tried to touch it, instead of coming to get me, it would have bitten you."

Oh yeah, after that incident, I listened anytime a voice boomed out of nowhere. Years later when I was invited to participate in a 3-year paranormal research project, I met the owner of that voice. (g)
Join me next week when I will introduce you to, without a doubt, the most unusual psychic/clairvoyant ever!


Ciana Stone said...

The paranormal chooses you... how true. And how cool that your ability was not stomped out of you by people always saying "it's just your imagination." I've often thought that the 'squashing' of childrens' natural abilities is what causes them problems later in life.

Of course, the hussy imp in me has to say that I have realized the perfect theme song for your honey...
"love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you ...."

Hey, that's not an insult just an observation of fact cause life is NEVER dull around you my little psychic hussy sister!!

Sally Painter said...

LOL. YOu are too funny, Ci. Now that song if running around in my head. I'll be humming it all day, but it does fit. (vbg)

Nicole Austin said...

What a cool experience. I've heard the "it's just your imagination" thing my whole life. I have an a thing with electronics and lights. Electronics will go haywire around me, and lights either flicker or go off all together while I'm around. A psychic told me I have excess kinetic energy.

There have been tons of other things. I have a touch of precognition and have had a few out of body experiences (not involving drugs!) and tons of experiences with solid objects moving or disappearing.

My son had a whole lot of precognition. Spirits tended visit him when he was younger and a bit more receptive than he is now as a tween.

Melissa Alvarez said...

Hey Sally,

What a way to meet your spirit guide for the first time. I'm so glad you didn't pick up that bat! You'll have to tell us more about the owner of that voice. I for one would love to read that story. I can't wait for next week's blog!


Melissa Alvarez/Ariana Dupre

Sally Painter said...

Hiya, Nic! How's CA?

I'm a walking EMD - Electro-Magnetic Discharge. Cash registers hate me so do light bulbs.

It does seem to be passed on to our kids like it was to us. Glad your son wasn't freaked out!

Because of my solitary learning, I encouraged my daughter and taught her everything I've learned. I made sure she had a mentor and teacher and fortuantely she was spared a lot of the fear and confusion.

Sally Painter said...

Hey Melissa,

I've told more about the encounter on our yahoo chat list.

Mary Winter said...

Wow, that story sent chills down my spine. Thank you for sharing. And as Ci said, thank goodness your natural abilities weren't "squished." Take care!

Ann Wesley Hardin said...

Hey Sally, I knews you was weird *gg*

This was fascinating! I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more of your encounters.

I tend to receive people's thoughts and emotions. Only really strong ones though. Is there a proper name for someone who does that?

Mandy Leigh B. said...

That was an incredible story- I can't wait to hear more about the owner of the voice. You definitely know how to work those teasers in, don't you? LOL

Nicole Austin said...

Cali is fabulous and beautiful! :D

Sally Painter said...

Hey Mary, I think it just shows that even without that early validation, the paranormal is so strong it doesn't matter. You simply can't ignore it. Believe me, I tried for years. When it wants you, it grabs you. (g)

Sally Painter said...

Hey Ann,

I'm empathic too and the thoughts - telepathic. I believe we all have these abilities. Some just develop them more, willingly or unwillingly. (g)

Sally Painter said...

Hey Mandy,

I posted it on the yahoo list. Tease? Moi? Okay, I give.

During the 3-year project, during one of the weekly session, I was introduced to the owner of the voice. His name is Michael and he's an angel - my guardian angel.

It was a thrill to finally tell him thank you for all the many many times he's save me from near disaster.

sniff, I'm a tease no more. Ci!!! Help!

Sally Painter said...

Hiya Nic,

I love CA! Love it! And the San Fran area, Nappa, and up the coast to Jenner. Love it too. I enjoyed Carmel too!

Dani said...

I posted to the blog on the hussy MySpace page, but I thought I'd say something here too.

This is a very cool experience you had Sally. I think I may have been scared to hear something like that so young, but then again I don't know. I liked reading the rest of the story on the yahoo group too. It's very neat that you got to find out who spoke to you all those years later.

N.J.Walters said...

What an amazing experience, Sally. It's a very good think you listened and cultivated your abilities, rather than lose them.

Sally Painter said...

Hey Dani,

I agree. It was always spooky to me. (g)

Sally Painter said...

Thanks, NJ. In the end, there was no choice. The paranormal chose me and got me. (g)