Sunday, October 28, 2007

G.... it's nice when he finds it

Yeah, I'm talking about that illusive G-Spot. I've heard women complain that their man couldn't find it with Google maps.

Oh dear, my sincere sympathy ladies. And my sincere "bravo" to those men who have that instinctive "homing beacon" to the G in their lady.

Unbelievably, it isn't just the fellas who are lost in their quest for the Spot. I've talked with women that claim they don't even have one. Like yesterday I was talking with a friend and she swore that it didn't exist. So I asked "well have you ever tried to find it?" I have to say she was a bit aghast at the idea (leading me to believe that maybe the lack of "uumph" in her sex life has as much to do with her as her significant other).

But it also got me to thinking when she asked "just what the hell is a G-Spot"? Hmmm, are there other women out there that don't have a clue about this wonderful area of their anatomy? Just in case, I thought I'd take a little break from the norm and do a quick "history of the g-spot."

First, this term evolved from a discovery in the 1940s by a German gynecologist, Ernst Graffenberg and his American colleague, Robert Dickinson. (Being a Hussy with an odd quirk, I like to call them the earnest dicki team). They discovered what they called a zone of erogenous feeling located along the suburethral surface of the anterior vaginal wall.

In 1950, Graffenberg published an article in the International Journal of Sexology, asserting that this erogenous zone contained erectile tissue, and swelled when massaged and during orgasm. He didn't give the spot a name, but referred to it as the "urethral sponge". He did pinpoint it's location. An area on the front wall of the vagina about a finger length in from the vaginal opening that surrounds the urethra.

Now color it a sign of the times, but Graffenberg's research lay forgotten until the 1980s when two sexologists, Beverly Whipple and John Perry rediscovered that almost all women have an area of sexual sensitivity on the front wall of the vagina. In fact, in their studies, 90-100% of 400 women identified a sensitive area. Eager beavers that they were, Whipple and Perry dug out Graffenberg's old research and renamed the area previous known as the urethral sponge after Graffenberg to the Graffenberg Spot or S-Spot.

Since that time, there's been controversy. Does it really exist? If so then how do I find the darn thing. Well, here's a tip:

It's easier to find and the most sensitive to touch when a woman is already sexually aroused, so women have an easier time locating it during masturbation. But in truth, it's not all that easy for a woman to find her own G-Spot. To make it easier, trying lying on your back with your knees pressed against your chest, or get into a squatting position - or heck, get yourself a sex toy that's designed for G-Spot stimulation. Normally these toys are vibrators or dildoes with curved tips.

The absolute best position for G-spot stimulation during sex is doggie-style or rear entry. When in this position, the head of the penis can press against the G-spot. And if you think about it in terms of evolution, it really makes perfect sense. Aside from humans, all other mammals have sex in this position. So it seems to make sense for it to have evolved to be pleasurable for the female.

However you go about your own "research" - solo or with a partner, rest assured that when you do locate this treasure, you'll think you've struck gold for sure.

And if you're lucky enough to have a partner that's already perfected the technique of stroking your spot just right, well hell woman, why are you wasting time reading this when you could be enjoying a Sunday morning delight. Speaking of which ... time for me to go.

Happy Sunday everyone. This is Ciana for The Hussies saying "G.... life is good. So Enjoy!"


Julianne said...

Yeah, well I didn't think this spot existed either. But it does!!! And I bet Ci, your honey man knows where it is too. hehe

Nicole Austin said...

I think part of the reason the g-spot is so difficult to find is that the positioning is different for every woman. There's no mistaking when you find it though. Wowza!

Great article, Ci!

dennis said...

I thought your article was great.
It is beyond me why other men cant
find it. Oh well, their tuff luck!