Saturday, October 13, 2007

Always on Sunday ... and sometimes twice

Recently I caught up with an old friend, Emma Trent. It's been a while since I last saw Emma. In fact, I'd started to think she'd dropped off the face of the planet. Then, to my surprise, I got a call from her, inviting me to come for a weekend to a tropical resort. Naturally I jumped at the chance. What I found, when I arrived, was far from what and who I expected - namely Alex Master. Vampire.

Now as a true-blue Hussy, I'm here to tell you that Alex Masters easily qualifies for "every woman's fantasy." I have to admit to feeling a little envious of my lucky friend Emma. And you will too, when you meet Alex. So, let me share a little of what I've learned about him with you.

Alex, can you tell me what it means when a vampire inhabits the dreams of a human?

Well, it's not typically done intentionally, if that's what you're asking. It's a sign of destined souls uniting in that astral sphere and a sign of things to come in the physical realm, depending on the content of the dream. If it is sexual then they shall be lovers. If they are fighting, then they shall be enemies.

Hmmm, okay it's obvious that Emma's dreams fall into the sexual category. So, Alex, do vampires ever dream about humans? Are your dreams as erotic as ours?

I dreamed about Emma, but didn't know she was human and assumed she was vampire. Dreams for a vampire are more real than those of a human. Just because we dream of someone or inhabit their dreams doesn't necessarily mean they recall the visitation. Emma did though.

Lucky gal. Can you tell me what drives a vampire wild with passion?

That human scent will do it every time. The scent of fear will truly make a vampire forget everything else, oh you meant sexual passion. Well, that will do it too if the human is a consenting adult, then oftentimes the lover will allow a small taste, but it takes a very discipline vamp to refrain and only take a tiny taste.

What went through your head the first time you saw Emma?

Here was the woman I've been dreaming about. I didn't expect her to arrive in the physical plane so quickly. And, I expected her to be vampire, not human. I'd not seen her face in my dreams, but I knew her body and I definitely recognized her voluptuous body.

What is it about Emma that makes her so different from other human women?

Everything. Her kisses. The way she tastes. Her scent is so sweet and exotic, and Emma is a nurturer. She'll make a wonderful mother some day.

So, Alex, do you think vampire women are more sexy than human women? Do they make better or worse lovers?

I think vampire females acclimate to a vampiric relationship easier than human women for obvious reasons, but to compare vampire to human is like comparing apples to oranges. Each has her own special juicy attributes. It's all about the woman and her essence.

What's your favorite vampire seduction technique?

With Emma, it was wining and dining her in a secret hideaway I'd built just for the woman in my dreams. I flew over the ocean and dipped my beloved into the water on the way to our love nest. It was very arousing foreplay especially since there was a full moon.

Oh yumm. If a woman wanted to mate with a vampire could she expect fidelity?

Could she with a human mate? I can say my love for Emma, means I shall always be faithful to her and I know she will be to me. Vampiric love is very different from human love since we live forever. So does our love and the emotions associated with it.

Now that's romantic. Emma, you lucky gal. Alex, how did you feel when Emma was in danger of being "tasted" by another vampire?

My first concern was for her safety. After that, I was in a rage and had I not been trying to keep the fact she was human from leaking out, I'd have given him a good beating, even though he was a guest.

Ah, so chivalry DOES live. Will there be any more juicy stories about you coming our way?

I've been asked, but so far I can't get Emma out of the bed long enough to go on any adventures outside of VBR.

Well honey, now that I've met you I can't blame her. Thanks Alex for allowing me to visit you and Emma here. And keep me in mind if you discover you have a twin out there somewhere.

Yes, readers, Alex is definitely a man worth a gal's fantasy. And if you want to know more about him, then hurry on over to Ellora's Cave and purchase a copy of Last Resort by our own Sally Painter. Trust me, you'll soon be having naughty dreams of this delicious vampire!

This is Ciana for the Hussies saying enjoy the fantasy!! I know I'm going to as I reread this book. Hey, what can I say ... sometimes a gal needs it twice on Sunday!


Dani said...

Oooh, great interview with Alex, Ci! I'll be reading his story soon, so this for me is a teaser. *BG*

Nicole Austin said...

Fabulous interview! I'm still waiting for Alex to come over here and bite me. :D