Sunday, October 07, 2007

Jammin' with Jamo

You've probably seen him in bodybuilding magazines becasue Jamo Nessar is a IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. Orignally from Algeria, Jamo has circled the globe and now lives in LA.

Much more that merely glorious muscle (and he has that in spades), Jamo speaks French, English and Arabic and holds a degree in science and biology. He holds to what he calls a simple philisophy - namely "What you see is what you get". (Okay, dangerous thing to say to a hussy gal who loves hard bodies!)
Retired from pro bodybuilding, Jamo now devotes his time to teaching people about training and supplementation. (Yes retired at 38). Now, personally, I have to tell you that Vin Diesel has always been a fav of mine, but Jamo knocks him in the dirt baby. He has that intense "bad boy" thing going that makes my engines rev.

I caught up with Jamo (or should I say lassoed him) and asked him to share a little time, giving this hussy an inside scoop on the guy inside all those glorious muscles and he was nice enough to agree.

Ci: Jamo, Could you describe yourself in one paragraph.

Jamo: Driven , passionate, and very Soft inside even though People think I'm Intense when they notice me the first time more thing The biggest GOOF and I love it- lol

Ci: Well there is an energetic intensity about you, honey. And I say that in a very good way :) So, tell us, what's your biggest passion?

Jamo: Creativity and making things come to life to make others happy .

Ci: Interesting and noble. (making a note for self...creative? Surely a room full of hussies who write qualify for that, right?) So, Jamo, what makes a woman sexy to you?

Jamo: Drive, independance, security and of course eyes and a nice round bubble butt.

Ci: (okay, drive, independence and security - got that. But striking out like mad on the bubble butt. Hmmmm, wonder if he has training tips for that?) What's your favorite music to make love to?

Jamo: Sade

Ci: (Humming Smooth Operator by Sade) Hmmmm, so tell me, how would you feel if one of the writers in The Hussies group modeled a hero in one of her books after you?

Jamo: I will thank her and I will hope whatever she writes in her Books there will be a part there where I'm eating a Dozen krispy kreme doughnuts without taking a breather- lol

Ci: LMAO - honey every women who's ever dieted is with you on that one. (Matter of fact, now I've got a huge craving for one of those delectable bites of "now you have to run five more miles" treats). So, Jamo, if a hero was modeled after you, what would be his most appealing trait and what kind of lover would he be?
Jamo: HMMMMM... He would be a leader that will take control and protect his princess , serve her in a way that she can't help it but love him more every day because he feeds from that love to do sweet things for her . He would be the kind of lover that whatever the situtation , he will please her without asking questions ..Love can be a beautifull and amazing when SOULS ARE LOCKED IN FOREVER !!!

Ci: (Hussies, is there a way we can bottle this and put it into the water supply cause dayum!!) Jamo, can you share your best "sweet nothing" you'd whisper in my ear if we were lovers?


Ci: (batting eyelashes innocently - okay, not that innocently) Absolutely. Lay it on me big boy.

Jamo: lol OK it goes ...we will be both naked facing each other looking into each other eyes and then I would lean forward and ask you gently to close your eyes and say something like this ..."Babe I want you to get close to my neck and smell my skin."

Once you do that.I would say "now , babe I want you to put your lips there ..but you're not allowed to kiss me."

When you did that I would say,"Now I want you to put your teeth there but you are not allowed to bite me."

Next I will say "I want you to put your tongue on my chest but your not allowed to lick me"

I think I won't keep going or we will be here for days- lol.

Ci: (Snapping out of fantasy and wiping drool from face) Huh, what? Oh, that's okay, I have time. At a sexy chuckle and wag of the finger from Jamo in a "naughty hussy" gesture, I reluctantly move on. Okay, then how about this? If we were sitting in the moonlight, what music would be playing that you'd pick specifically to set the mood?

Jamo: Sade or something from the Cafe del mar CD Collection

Ci: (Moving into the chorus of Smooth Operator) I can dig it. So, Jamo, where can we learn more about you or is there anything you'd like our readers to know about you?

Jamo: All i can say is I am who I am because of a mother that told me how to respect woman and be good to them. I live every day being the best I can be and try to create stuff that help people all over the world. I never care where you from or what you do. As long far as you respect me and you have a good heart you're my friend.

I created a fitness community based site to show the world what real fitness and training is all about by making it real and Free to every one to benefit from . YOu get to see the real me with my team doing stuff that you will never see anywhere else,,and guess what , It's all FUN and honest , if you like reality TV, is Reality training !!

Ci: (Thanks to Jamo's Mom!!) Jamo, thanks so much for spending some time with me and doing this little interview. It goes without saying that you're one of the most beautiful men I've ever known - body and soul, and I'll continue to be your biggest fan.

And kudos to you for handling the questions with such grace - and naughtiness :)

Jamo: Ci, you know I never take offense to anything, Trust me it takes a lot to offend me ... Plus I"m easy you don't have to get me drunk( lol).

Ci: Woo hoooo! My kind of man. Again, Jamo, thanks a ton. And thanks to our readers. We love sharing with you and hope you'll visit again soon. Do check out Jamo's site, for really good training advice (and get to see more of Jamo).

This is Ciana for the Hussies. Until next time, remember guys ... if you want to heep your own hussy happy, follow the advice of Elvis when he sang ...A little more bite and a little less bark - A little less fight and a little more spark. Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me!


Robin Snodgrass said...

Vin Diesel, Eat Your Heart Out!

Ciana Stone said...

hehehe - you got it babe :)

reba said...

Oh My Damn!!! can he please come back and tell me where to put my mouth next...that man is lickable

Susan said...

With those abs I'm feeling like mountain music and I wanna play his washboard...yeehaw!

Julianne said...

Hey, I would make a wicked sexy comment, but I only see red X's and not any hard body pictures. ;(

Ciana Stone said...

no hard bodies Jules? Egads. I see them. What's up with this thing?

Dani said...

I'm having the same problems as Jules is Ci. :(

Julianne said...

Still can't see any hard bodies.
What's a hussy gotta do to fix this thing?

Susan said...

The link to Jamo's site works. I saw some pics there..

Julianne said...

Still can't see any sexy hard bodies. But if what others are saying, I'll just say this, Come on Baby, Lick my fire. LOL

Minime said...

Very nice. My comments (via his voice and thoughts):

For picture #1 (at least according to the group photos): Do I want her to drizzle chocolate or honey on me for her to lick up?

#2: I think I see that wimp talking to my woman. I better go over there and give her a passionate kiss and show the dweep that he doesn't have a chance with her.

#3: Any woman want to offer me a ride home? You can definitely trust that I am not a serial killer, I'll even pay for the gas and I'll give you a little bonus if you want to stop off at your place.

Julianne said...

Hey Jamo, I got a new game I want to show you. Its called twister.
Wanna play???

Dani said...

I'll have the beefcake with a side of thighs please! LOL!

Oh my, oh my he's a hottie Ci. I agree that he's got Vin beat by a mile. *sighs*