Saturday, October 27, 2007

Interview with Cole - Cowboy Sizzlin'

I was lucky to catch up with the man known as ‘Sex in Jeans’ and baby, once you read about him, you’ll know why Scout dubbed him with that title. He is definitely Hot ‘n’ the Saddle and knows how to be that tough cowboy with a gritty edge that only a woman like Scout can soften up.

After demonstrating my roping technique, I decided to tie him up and make him answer some questions with the promise I’d let him go once satisfied. (eg)

Sally: “How does it feel to be called Sex in Jeans? I love that term and Scout really had you pegged.”

Cole: “Well, sugar, a man has to feel complimented by that. I have to say I never expected it, but it definitely got my attention. I don't know if she had me pegged or not, but it didn't do my ego one bit of damage to hear it."

Sally: “Scout's abilities are very different from what you are accustomed to. What do you feel she'd be like without them?”

Cole: “Scout would be Scout no matter what - stubborn, bossy, hard-headed and sexy as hell.”

Sally: “Were you surprised how adept a tracker Scout is? And, tell me about that cave and what almost happened.”

Cole: “Truth be told, I expected Scout to be the best of the best in terms of tracking. After all, she was trained by Jed Windrider and he was a legend. I just didn't expect her to be a woman - or one that damn near set my pants on fire.

And, uh, the cave. Well, let's just say that it was another case of her setting my pants on fire and leave it at that. If I give too much away I just might find myself in the hot tub all alone.”

Sally: “Ray is such a psycho, did you have any idea what you'd be up against in tracking him?”

Cole: “Hell fire, no. But then I didn't think we're end up in some insane battle with a lunatic who'd let an old grudge fester into something evil inside him. If I'd had any idea I'd have gone armed for bear.”

Sally: “It's clear you are entranced by Scout's directness. What other things separate Scott from the other women you've known?”

Cole: “She's both real and magical if that makes sense. Real because she's not into pretense and doesn't put on airs. Magical because she sees and feels things others don't and she's more part of nature than man.”

Sally: “You're a tough guy, but the way you handled that cub showed us you're pretty tender, too. What about Scott makes you feel like this?”

Cole: “The depth of her feelings. Scout's a gal who loves clear down to her bones, with every bit of her heart. She's like one of the animals, wary and not given easy to trust, but once she does, she gives it all she has. I'd like to be the one person in the world who gives back as much as he gets. To let her know that when I say it's forever, she can count on that just as surely as sunrise.”

Sally: What's it like being with cat woman? LOL. I just couldn't resist. Seriously, though how do you cope?

Cole: “LOL. It's damn disconcerting at times, but also pretty amazing. I'm not keen on her claws, but it's an incredible feeling to curl up in front of a fire with a lioness purring against you. If you think a warm lap cat's purr can send you into relaxing, try it with a lion. And there is a lot to be said about animal passion, you know.”

Sally: “How did you gain new abilities? Do you think they were dormant and Scout just brought them out in you?”

Cole: “I don't have a clue. Maybe it's like my sister-in-law Anna says, and those abilities were always there, waiting for someone to find the on switch. I guess that's what Scout did. But then, flipping my switches and pushing my buttons is one of her talents.”

Sally: “Name one thing about Scout that you believe will never change.”

Cole: “She's never stop loving me and she'll never be civilized. Not that I'm complaining. It might be untamed, wild and unpredictable, but it's for sure that life with Scout will never be dull. And that's fine with me. Long as she still thinks I'm Sex in Jeans, I'm a happy man.”


Nicole Austin said...

Yeehaw! That was a great interview, Sally. Cole is just...well, sex in jeans. *g*

So, who you ropin' next?

Cathy said...

Isn't he though. Cole sounds like a pretty together guy and sexy to boot. Have this title on my wish list already.