Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gettin' Naughty - His Hot Spots

You man’s body has many hot spots guaranteed to make him moan and shiver when stimulated. Take the time and find his sexual trigger points and you’ll bring both of you to new heights of pleasure. Touching and teasing these supersensitive, nerve-rich areas in just the right way will turn him on, fire him up, and set him off with a powerful blast. Here’s a few feel good zones you may not be aware of but should be!

Neck – We all know the sides of the neck are sensitive, but a major hot spot for men is on the front of the neck at the thyroid gland (located just beneath the Adam’s apple). Have your lover lift his chin and start with the hollow at the base of his neck. Flatten your tongue out and lick upward until you reach his Adam’s apple, then dip down just beneath it. Massage this area with your tongue in wide circular motions. Be prepared for the resulting frenzied need this action will spark.

Fingers – Even if he works with his hands and has tough, calloused skin, the tender flesh between his fingers and on the pads is very sensitive. Suck a finger into your mouth, twirl your tongue around the digit, slide your lips up and down its length. Men are very visual creatures and he’ll get the added benefit of picturing receiving the same attention to his cock. This will quickly get him hard, ready and aching.

Lips – Kissing his lips may seem obvious, but an often overlooked trigger point is the outer curve of his lower lip where it meets his chin. Give this a try the next time you kiss him and send your lover strait into make-out bliss. Pull his lower lip into your mouth and hold it there with light suction. Now run the tip of your tongue up and down right beneath his lip. This move will send delicious electric currents straight to his cock.

Nipples – Some men love to have their nipples manipulated, while others are highly sensitive and can’t stand it. The only way to find out is through exploration. Start with soft strokes of fingertips. Try building the sensations slowly by swirling your tongue in a wide circle around his areola, decreasing the size of the circle gradually. When you reach the center, flick his nipple with your tongue then add a gentle nip with your teeth.

F-spot – The frenelum is a Y shaped elastic band of tissue under the glans of the penis. With your lover lying on his back and his erection rising over his abdomen, the Y will be inverted. It starts on the crown and extends down onto the shaft. Stimulate the f-spot by rapidly flicking the tip of your tongue against it and lick around the crown. Combine this with simultaneous stroking of his shaft and you’ll bring him to an explosive climax.

Perineum – Some men have hang-ups about their backdoor so don’t be offended if he doesn’t appreciate attention to this area. Massaging this shallow, nerve-rich grove located between his scrotum and anus will give him great enjoyment by providing external stimulation to his prostrate gland. Also simply applying steady pressure with your lips or tongue will bring him intense pleasure.

Testicles – The crease extending from top to bottom between his testicles is extraordinarily responsive. Cradle and massage his scrotum in one hand and run two fingers of the other up and down this wrinkle. The dual stimulation will rev his engine.

P-spot – Run a dampened finger or your tongue around the rim of his anus. It will be quickly obvious if he enjoys the stimulation and is receptive to more. If so, here’s how to locate his prostrate gland. With him lying on his back and your palm facing up, insert a well-lubricated finger into his rectum. Follow the upper margin of his canal until you locate the walnut-sized gland. Using a “come-hither” motion of the finger, stroke this amazing spot sure to trigger a powerful release.

Let your inner hussy out and keep your man happy by tripping his trigger. Take the bordeome out of the bedroom.


Ann Wesley Hardin said...

*frantically scribbling notes...*

NathalieGray said...

All these hot spots give me hot flashes. WOODAMN!

Ciana Stone said...

hehehe Ann, that's so funny (just copy and paste the page, babe).

Leave it to Hussy Nic to spell it out for us - now we just have to wait for the guys to come home to test it all out :)

Nic, you're like the Sex Doctor :) I think we should send in questions!!

Bev Stephans said...

Nic, that was better than any sex manual I ever read! If I'd known then........

Julianne said...

Wow, that was like sex 101. Glad I enrolled. LOL!!! Learned a few things. Hmmmm

N.J.Walters said...

Fascinating, as always, Nic. I'm making note of one or two. *g*

Nicole Austin said...

I'm glad y'all enjoyed. Hmm...Sex Doctor, I like it. *g* Sure, send questions or subjects you'd like me to discuss. That would be great.

I wish I'd know then too, Bev!

Dani said...

This is sooo not fair to read when you don't have a man at home! LMAO! I'll cut and paste thses for later though because I'm sure that they'll come in handy someday. ;)