Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tease Me, Touch Me...Three ways to Howl on Halloween

It's that time of year again when people put on costumes to pretend, just for one night, that they're something they're not. One of my favorite "Halloween" episodes has to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer when Willow dresses up like a ghost and becomes one. Suddenly, she's ghost Willow in a very revealing outfit and learning just how good it is to flaunt it. In the end, when she's live-Willow again, she walking down the street in her outfit completely comfortable in her body. Oz drives by and says "Who is that girl?" He's smitten, and you will be too if you use this holiday for teasing pursuits.
Part of being a Hussy means being comfortable in your own skin. We've kind of talked about that before. However, if you're still on the shy side or want to, just for one night, to be someone you're not, why not throw a private Halloween party? Just you, and your man, a little music, a little costume (and I do mean little), and let your imaginations run wild! Naughty nurse. Sultry Stewardess. Teasing Tour Guide. Sexy Siren. They're all available and waiting for you to strut your Hussy stuff.
Here are some tips:
1) Make it simple...for him. Sure, he might be into it, then again, he might have on that suit and tie from work, and that makes your job of getting him out of it a lot easier. Go ahead and get costumed to the hilt. Makeup. Shoes. The whole nine yards. Let him relax and enjoy the show. He'll be a far more willing participant than if you turned it into a theatrical production.
2) It's okay to laugh. Okay, so some of us aren't born seductresses. We're trying. Really. If you just feel totally silly or something doesn't work quite right. Laugh. It's the best medicine and it will release some of the tension of "getting things right."
3) When in doubt, ditch the costume and just enjoy the moment. So what if your "sexy witch" powers lasted for all of thirty seconds. You're naked. He's naked or almost there. What are you waiting for?
Here's hoping you have a howling good Halloween. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be in the costume aisle...


Nicole Austin said...

Great article, Mary! I love dressing up, and laughter in sexual situations is a great tension reliever. Who says you should be serious when it comes to sex. Lighten up-its supposed to be fun. :D

Sally Painter said...

Such fun, Mary! That is the best advice for anyone shy about getting into their skin! Your Hussy Charm School so rocks!

N.J.Walters said...

Great advice, Mary. Sometimes it's easier to be ourselves when we've got a little extra help.