Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fantasies ....

The truth is we've all had sexual fantasies, men and women alike. It's a healthy, normal part of our sexuality. Some are drawn from past experience and others simply products of the imagination. Some are taboo and some quite vanilla. My question was, are there common themes to our erotic imaginings? I did a bit of research and discovered that interestingly, there are common threads. Below is the top ten sexual fantasy list.

Number 10: Strangers in the Night
Hooking up with a mystery man for a night of wild uninhibited sex hits the list at Number 10. This is a kind of safety fantasy because in this delightful scenario you can be as loose or kinky as you want without being judged. After all, you'll never see the seductive stranger again, so release that sexual predator inside or play the delicate flower being introduced into the dark thrills of bondage.

Number 9: Fun in numbers
Not all of this type of fantasy has actual sex acts involved. Some women dig the idea of group sex, for others it's just the idea of being nude in front of a group of people.
Number 8: Who's your Mama?
Women really seem to get off on the idea of dominating men and in articles and forums, the most popular things they fantasy of doing are: Spanking him, making him beg for what he wants, ordering him to perform sexual acts and sucking on phallic objects - even the heels of their stilettos.

Number 7: A Star is born
A lot of women fantasize about engaging in sex in front of an audience or a video camera. Does the excitement of performing give them feelings of empowerment or ideas of titillating others?

Number 6: Yes, Master
The slave/master fantasies vary. For some women this means surrendering to the demands of a dominate man. For others it's a scenario where they resist and have to be overcome and ravaged.

Number Five: Here pussy pussy
Yeah, you probably saw this one coming a mile away. Quite a lot of women fantasize about getting it on with another woman. More often than not while their man sits and watches. Some like the idea of the man joining in. Others prefer the idea of him just getting horny over it.

Number Four: I'm Your Private Dancer
A lot of women, particularly professionals in business, fantasize about being strippers, performing that oh-so-sexy lap dance for a mystery man and getting his juices flowing for her. Others take it a further and imagine being prostitutes, hired sex gals that have the ability to turn a man into a quivering pile of need with her extraordinary skills.

Number Three: Double your Pleasure
Yep, just like our male counterparts, we fantasize about having two men at once. Some want a soft and gentle erotic scene and others want to crank it up to a porno-like sex free for all. There's a split between women who imagine being a goddess of love and worshipped by the men, their focus just on getting her off, and those who want to be bond, gagged and penetrated in the vagina and anus at the same time.

Number Two: Put me on a Jock Strap and call me Charlie
This one surprised me but one of THE most popular fantasies is of being a man for a night. Dressing up and acting like a man, down to the strap-on penis.

Number One: Like a Virgin
Although I'm hesitant to even type the words "rape fantasy", that's exactly what women call it. They get off on the idea of playing the naive innocent virgin who gets taken advantage of by the predatory man, forced into sex.

Well, nowhere did I find my favorite fantasy - (involving a hunky cowboy and a saddle), but as the saying goes, whatever floats your boat. Fantasies are, after all, as individual as the person. Whatever your fantasy, it's normal to have them. But a word of warning. Fantasies ARE so good because they ARE fantasies. When we try to translate them into reality, they normally fall short of the mark. But then, would we really have it any other way?

This is Ciana for the Hussies, saying remember, we all have fantasies. Enjoy :)


NathalieGray said...

What a great article. But hey! Mine
wasn't there (seriously rowdy sex Greco-Roman style in a zero-g
environment with four double-jointed vampire Vikings!)

And I do wonder about the "fantasy rape" thing. It's such an old and widespread fantasy too. You should see what the Japanese manga/animé can do with a tentacle, man...brr. I wonder if it's the idea of surrendering to a man who really, really, REALLY wants you and won't take no for an answer? Or is it the forced physical contact of a fight that ends in sex? Um.
Great article Ciana!

Julianne said...

Great article Ci. Several of my fantasies were there. But a few were not. Like vampire sex. Hmmm Mmmm. And the "fantasy rape" thing may be attached to the domination role as well.

Sally Painter said...

Ci, you are such a super blogger! Great article on fantasies.

Dani said...

Oh wow. Very cool artical today Ci! I would have never guessed a few of these fantasies, but the others are stuff I here or read about quite a lot. A few of my fantasies were there, but where are the werewolves, gargoyles and shifters? Oh well, I can still dream. LOL!

Nicole Austin said...

Great post, Ci! I have to admit to being a little bit surprised. I thought the menage fantasy would be #1.

Minime said...

That was great. I do have to admit that none of those were my fantasies. I'm more of the dominant variety towards my hubby. I'd rather tie him up and have him call me Mistress. I'm still trying to convince him to get 'Sandra's Bitch' tattooed on his body. (A girl can dream.) lol

But I will say that I love Ci's fantasy of the hubby dressing up as a cowboy. Now that one sounds like a dream come true. *smile*