Friday, October 19, 2007

Paranormal Self-Confidence 101

Growing up without validation that the spooky things I was seeing meant I had to learn self-validation. This seems to be a recurring theme for those involved in the paranormal. When you are chosen, that's it. There's no way out. You may deny it, try to. You may turn a blind eye to it, try to. You may even rebel against it...try to. But in the end, like it or not, you are an active participant.

So there ultimately comes that moment when we are forced to embrace our abilities.

Reconciling personal reality to what I was told was reality proved a must if I wished to have any kind of peace in life. It required self-acceptance and with that embracing of self came confidence. But a different kind of confidence than that already discussed this week. Self-confidence that I could trust myself and understand the images and information I was receiving. And it proved to be one of the biggest tests yet in believing in myself.

Testing seems to be the burden of the initiate and yet, with each new level I reach in understanding there is another test and another. This seems to be the main commonality with all seers, mediums, clairvoyants... whatever tag you wish to put to what the modern world calls "psychic".

Ultimately, there's only one way to gain self and that's to claim it all. Standing up and facing those things that go bump in the night brings freedom. With that freedom is the self-realization of exerting free will, and free will rules all things paranormal. If it is against your free will, then you have the power and the right to reject it and send it away.

This realization was an epiphany for me and the moment I began to deal with all things paranormal on my terms (to a large degree). The frightening role of being victimized by entities and paranormal events ended and fear evaporated. I was now free to forge relationships with those entities of the light.

I'll be discussing more about my personal journey and adventures into the paranormal on Melissa Alvarez's talk radio show today at 11 am EST. You can email or call in with your questions.


Nicole Austin said...

Great post, Sally! I struggled with this a lot over the years, supressing my abilities because most people didn't understand. I got weird looks when I talke about the things that happened.

While many in my family see to have some ability, nobody ever took the time to learn about it, so I was on my own. Now, instead of feeling like a freak or being frightened by what happens, I enjoy exploring the experience I'm gifted with and am slowly developing confidence in and acceptance of my abilities.

Ciana Stone said...

It is difficult to be open about abilities that are labeled outside the norm, and can create quite a bit of conflict in a person ... will they think I'm a freak or a liar or just plain nuts?

I admire people who find the courage to be open about their abilities and find their self-confidence, not fearing the opinion of others. Kinda like the old Chinese sage said "never fear being naked in the eyes of the world." I think it's a good motto. Be yourself and the people who are open-minded will accept you. The ones who are closed minded? Well, that's their burden to bear.

How cool it is that our Hussy sisters are "Birds of a feather".

Oh, and I totally dug the radio show today!! Way to go Sally!!! Whooo hooooooooooo :)

Sally Painter said...

Hey Nic! I'm so glad you enjoyed today's post. This seems to be a commonolity with those of us sensitive to our other abilities.

Big Hussy Hugs on embracing your gifts.

Sally Painter said...

Hey Ci! I think it is way cool!!!

Thanks for calling into the show and asking those great questions and also for your very humbling words.

Slopping hussy kiss!