Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gettin' Naughty - Transforming The Bedroom Into A Love Nest

So we’ve discussed toys, role-playing, his hot spots and sexual confidence. Now its time to set the mood. Take a walk into the bedroom and have a look around. How does the room look and feel? Come up with one word to describe the ambiance.

What was your word? Sexy? Romantic? Intimate?

If not, then its time to do some redecorating! Your bedroom should be pleasing to the senses and have an intimate feel. Here are some ideas for transforming a drab, boring room into a sensual oasis.

The main focus of a bedroom is, of course, the bed. It should be comfortable and inviting. Consider getting new bedding, something luxurious. When thinking sheets, think high thread count. The higher the better. Get yourself a plush Vellux blanket. I love mine. The unique velvety texture feels incredible against bare skin. Make sure the pillows are comfy and clean. Pillows should be replaced every six months. Also, try adding some lush accent pillows in different shapes, sizes and textures.

Colors should be warm and sensual, from the walls to curtains and bedding to decorative accents. You may finally have to give up the lime green lava lamp for something a bit more practical and sexy.

Fragrances play a very powerful role in enhancing romance and sensuality so the bedroom should smell nice. Skip the overly heavy scents and go for light aromas provided by oil diffusers, candles or scented sachets. Occasionally bring in a vase of fresh, fragrant flowers. Cinnamon is an aphrodisiac. Vanilla is familiar, relaxing and welcoming. Peppermint oil is invigorating. Jasmine is sweet and soothing. Gardenia, sandalwood, rose also are sensually seductive scents.

Change the mood of the room by toning down the lighting. Swap out all those 100-watt white bulbs for a lower wattage or pink-toned variety. Set the tone with a small stereo and some sexy music that you both enjoy set to play softly in the background.

For a quick and inexpensive makeover, try a new throw on the bed with coordinating curtains and add a few sensual accent items like scented candles. You can make small changes to freshen things up as seasons change. If you can do so safely without burning the house down, try draping a colored scarf over the lampshade to create a more intimate feel.

Next, open up the nightstand drawer. What’s in there? A collection of miscellaneous junk that’s accumulated over time? It shouldn't be. Here are essentials that should be in your nightstand.
• Sex toys you both enjoy (and fresh batteries)
• A blindfold
• Erotic reading material (Try reading sexy scenes aloud to each other)
• Lube and massage oil (If using condoms choose water-based products)
• Other toys to suit your tastes (A feather, silk scarves, maybe a set of restraints—whatever turns you on.)

Oh, and one of the most important things. Get the TV out of the bedroom! When in the bedroom, you want his attention on you, not the game.

A few minor adjustments can turn a dull bedroom into a passionate retreat. The most important thing to remember is do what feels right. Go with the fabrics, textures, colors, sounds and scents that tune you in and turn you on.


Sally Painter said...

Having a romantic bedroom is such a wonderful luxury and truly something to thoroughly enjoy! We splurged last year on the bedroom suite I'd been drooling over for three years, complete with elegant bedding and lots of pillows.

I couldn't believe we finally had our dream bedroom. Granted, it cost us a small fortune, but it was more than worth every cent!

By far one of the best investments we ever made. Just for us. We created an incredible retreat. Just so romantic! If you've been putting off splurging for your lovenest... don't. You deserve it and will be so grateful you gifted yourself!

Ciana Stone said...

I soooo agree, Nic! A bedroom that invites you to be romantic or intimate - or wild and wanton, is so romantic. People often comment on mu bedroom with "wow" - a big iron canopy bed with lots of hanging sheer material and a very tribal/animal motif. One of my favorite accessories is a tall woven urn I found at the flea market that I transformed into a lamp with a dim little christmas bulb inside it. I wrapped the top with leopard print material and created a black net and bead covering for the bottom and it became my favorite lighting. The light shining through the basket weave casts tiny pricks of golden light over the room that gives the illusion you're in a jungle tent. Grrrrrrrrrr baby. Bring on the animal.....

Minime said...

Since I started reading more and more of EC and other ebook publishers, I'm finding that I want to put up mirrors in our bedroom.

But I agree on the no tv in the bedroom rule. That room is for sleep and fun in the sack. *smile*

TK Winters said...

Ah sis ... you inspire me and make me realize how truly unique I appear to be in this world. I walked into my bedroom and the word that came to me was "love". I have a very basic bedroom. You've seen it. We have the most comfortable queen-size bed I've ever owned. We don't have bedside tables or dressers or anything like that. We have those plastic drawers you buy at Target. Oh, and did I mention the TV? We do have a nice wicker box of sex toys, though. LOL

The bedroom is my favorite place to be and no matter what we are doing, we are always doing it together and our attention is always on each other--even when watching a movie. And yes, we have hot monkey sex almost nightly except on the weekends and that who knows what time of day? VBG

N.J.Walters said...

I'd describe our bedroom as cozy. I'm a firm believer in no TV in the bedroom. There are better things to do there. :-)

Nicole Austin said...

Dang, Ci! Your bedroom sounds amazing. Just this past year I bought a new huge dark wood bed with scrolled iron work on the headboard/footboard. Its very romantic. I'm still working on redecorating, but its been fun.

NathalieGray said...

Ah but don't knock down the TV. We have one. It's great for playing those special movies that only adults can watch. Nothing sets the mood like a good x-rated movie. Rawr.