Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hussies speak up!

What do you feel is the most important self-discovery you've made in the past 5 years?

For me it has been to believe in my own abilities, especially writing. This is very difficult for writers since our validation comes from being accepted for publication. Getting to that place without a contract in hand was my most difficult challenge in this industry. I think it is something all writers struggle with and must eventually grow into.

This is a personal discovery even though it is reltaed to my career because the process of writing is one of the most personal acts I've ever undertaken.

What about you? What has been your personal discovery about yourself?


Ciana Stone said...

Most excellent question, Sally. And what an important discovery you made!

I think my most important discovery was that the Law of Attraction is valid and true and that our intent is what shapes our reality.

And on a more mundane level, I discovered that while I can't run near as fast as I once did, I am better able to visualize and tell myself that I'm actually running like the wind:)

Susan said...

My self-discovery...I would have to say it's the knowledge and strength I had inside me that brought me to where I am today. Ten years ago I was living in government housing, unemployed and trying to take care of my two boys and pregnant again. My last relationship ended when he found out I was pregnant(jerk.) I wasn't happy and wanted to better myself. I wanted a better life for me and my children, so I went back to school. It was hard but I was determined. Three years later with a degree in my pocket, I got the job at my local hospital which I still work at today. I'm not rich in any monetary means, but I'm happy. I still live from paycheck to paycheck but I did it. Looking back now I realize it took alot of strength and sacrifice. Yes there were pitfalls but I just kept looking forward. It was hard, it was tough and there were days I just wanted to give up.

So what have I realized?.....I'm a tough cookie and some dreams do come true. Also I have an inner hussy who wants out...(she's been hibernating for many years) lol

Blessings, ain't they great!

Sally Painter said...

Oh, Ci, that is so very true. Our thoughts are living things and act like magnets.

Run Forrest... LOL.

Sally Painter said...

WOW! Big congrats Susan on your accomplishments. I know it had to be a big challenge for you to go back to school. You are an inspiration and your children are very lucky to have such a caring mom!

Julianne said...

Wow Ci, that's pretty deep. And Susan congrats on being strong enough to realize a dream. Me, I think the only thing I've realized is that I'm stuck in an abusive realationship and not smart enough to get out of it.

Sandra said...

Susan, you go girl.

That's a hard thing to be in Julianne, I hope things work out for you.

I've found that I have even more insecurities since I've become a wife and mother. lol.

But I'm still learning and growing, so hey maybe things will look better in another five years. *smile* One can hope.

Ciana Stone said...

Hey gals! Self discovery comes in many packages. Some of our discoveries make us feel strong and proud, others may not evoke those emotions, but are also indicators. So if your discovery is that your life is not what you want, then do as Sally so aptly put it - change your thinking. See what you want in life, put your emotion into it and be a magnet that draws your ideal life to you.

It works, gals. I'm living testament to that. When we "see" what we want, and "feel" those good feelings that our desires will bring us, then we send out powerful energy into the Universe. And the Universe returns our wishes to us. Just like Aladdin and his lamp. You just have to Intend to have the life you want, and put those good feelings into it, and it will start to manifest.

So if you don't have the life you want now .... get started. Creation is only a thought away!!

Sally Painter said...

Ci knows I'm a true believer in creative visualization. When I was a single mom, I practiced visualizing a job paying 3x more than I was currently making so I could afford a house purchase. I visualized while on vacation with my extended family and my daughter for a solid week.

Within two months I had my dream job and an incredible house (my first purchase on my own) and life went from uncertain to fantastic. My daughter who was 7 at the time participated in it all and I always felt we had accomplished a lot together.

It just takes believing in self and as Ci said, the Universe rewards. (VBG)

Now that is truly the Hussy Way!

Dani said...

I think what I have learned is that I have a fear of failure. My biggest fear out of that is being told that I'm not a good mother. If you were to read my little blog you'd see what I mean.

I posted the other day about my son having a meltdown and in my actions (that I see now) I made it worse in ways. He's got Pervasive Developmental Disorder and I do believe I told y'all once that it's an Autistic spectrum disorder of sorts. He can't be considered Autistic because he's very social. Which is excellent, but other tendancies come out. It's hard to explain thinks and difficult to get people to understand. People just think I let him run me. I'll put up more on my blog later and let y'all know if you want to read it.

Oh one more thing that I realized is that I like the whole Romance genre from the lightest to the more extreme (paranormal being my fave). I never thought I would because I hated my grans Harlequin Romance when I was younger. I still can't read them and that's sad to say.

Sally Painter said...

Oh, I wanted to add, I worked hard at getting those things. I studied weekends to earn the license I needed to get the better job and I was open to finding a great house in the historic district. It didn't just fall in my lap. But I paved the way with the visualization and became focused on what I wanted and those magnet thoughts drew the opportunities to me.