Friday, June 06, 2008

Love Songs The Second Time Around

Second Time around could easily become the third, fourth, and even one hundredth. Finding true love in the next lifetime might be a bit easier than it was the first time because if we have decided to come back as lovers a second time around, then we would have programmed those recognition filters within our human matrix.

LOL. That does sound a bit techno, oh well, I do so love scifi. But seriously, if it is true we choose our lives before we return, at least those who have worked through enough karmic debt to have the right to decide instead of having our lessons decided for us, then we might very well desire to have recall of our special someone.

I’m going to talk in terms of commonly held belief systems by those of us who either have firsthand experience in reincarnation and recall or those who at least embrace the idea of reincarnation. So if you and your cherished hunk decide to come back together in that fabled circle of life, meaning with the same souls you have traveled with before, then chances are you will recognize each other at least on a subconscious level. Sometimes people instantly recall their past lives spent in each others’ arms and sometimes enemies come back destined to be lovers as a way to work out their differences. Oh yeah, karma can be a demanding hussy!

Many believe there are time-released cellular memories within our makeup and when it’s time for a certain thing to happen those cells are activated. Not so far fetched as we might suspect since puberty is very much like that as is menopause when reduced to a very simplistic explanation for a complicated process. So say you and sugarbabe want to meet while in college. BOING! The instant attraction is in motion and those cellular memories spark. Ah…love at first sight…well, not exactly. It may appear to be love at first sight when it’s truly recognition.

This could explain some fatal attractions or obsessions. Maybe the person possessed with that unrequited love somehow recalls the past life love that is not destined to reoccur this current life. Bad wiring? Could be. Or maybe it is something more complex such as a lesson meant to teach what that experience allows the lonely heart to learn. The key is to be willing to delve a bit deeper into life’s situations and probe into the underlying meaning of what we are currently facing. Is it a challenge to our skills? Perhaps that is designed to place us in a position to stretch beyond our typical means. Maybe in a past life we were lazy in our work and didn’t learn the disciplines necessary to excel.

Maybe the person you are fixated on was in your position last life and you ignored him. Gasp! Would you ever do such a thing? Who knows. It’s all in the past but is ever so relevant to your present. Yes, we are summation of our past and not just this life.

So if you and your stud muffin decide next life to reconnect, you may even choose a favorite song to act as that catalyst to spark the cellular memory and open that door of recognition. Then Strangers in the Night might be more than situation to you, and even a past life love song that foretold your story.

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