Friday, June 27, 2008

Vanishing Cat

My cat Sophie has turned up in the strangest places over the past few weeks. Places she couldn’t possibly be.
One day we heard something that sounded like the cat trying to get into one of our offices. My husband and I both went to our office doors and opened them, stared at each other, looked around for the cat and both said, I thought one of the cats was trying to get in.

We closed our doors went back to work and the sound came again. I went over to the linen closet and out jumped Sophie. How had she gotten in there?

A few nights later as I closed the door to the master bath and padded to bed, Sophie ran in front of me and zoomed out of the bedroom and down the stairs. When I awoke in the morning and opened the bathroom door, Sophie ran out. Again, how did she get in there? No one walks in their sleep.

Later that week she turned up in the utility room and then in the downstairs bathroom(We keep our bathroom doors closed for effective Feng Shui practice.) again, somehow she'd miraculously transported into a room where the door was closed. Had been closed while she was outside the rooms.

Scratching our heads, we laughingly said she was a time traveler or was catching worm holes that delivered her behind closed doors. The most perplexing one happened just last weekend. I’d been working in my office and my husband had turned off his computer, declaring we needed a break for the project we’d been working on all week.

I joined him downstairs and we grilled out and enjoyed a leisurely meal on the patio. Again, Sophie was in plain view of us inside the house,playing with our other cat, Bow. So later that evening, I went into my office to check email and heard this pitiful wail. It was Sophie and she sounded frightened.

My husband came running up the stairs wanting to know what had hurt Sophie, but we couldn’t find her. She’d just been downstairs with us. We started opening closet doors. Then I went into his office and opened his bathroom door and out popped Sophie. It took her nearly an hour to calm down. She jumped at the slightest movement or sound.

So anyone ever hear of such a crazy thing? We know for a fact that we did not accidentally close her into any room. We are at a real loss to explain this phenomenon. And so like many other things in my life, I just shrug and shake my head. I have no idea how Sophie ended up in rooms with closed doors when she’d previously been outside them. So we’ve affectionately started calling it a close encounter with a VFO (Vanishing Feline Occurrence)


Tarot By Arwen said...

Schroedinger? Please call the Painter clan. I believe they have found your cat.

Seriously though, I had a cat who liked to paw open cabinets. Then he would apparently forget how to get out. Not the brightest bulb in the world. Maybe Sophie is related?

Sally Painter said...

Hiya Arwen!

hmm... Well, I might believe that of Bow, he suffered a head injury that left him a tad slow. Sophie is the sharpest tack of any cat herd.

Now back to the opening door aspect. Hmm...We've definitely closed the doors so no doors she could push open. Can't reach doorknobs... Hmm...

Thanks for trying! Hugs. Sorry I haven't found Schroedinger yet. (g)

Tarot By Arwen said...

I had a cat who would jump and HANG from the door knob to open the doors. He WAS the brightest of the bunch. His brother is the one who would paw open cabinets and forget how to get out. Maybe Sophie saw how you opened doors? Then she closes them? Oy! I dunno, woman. That's SOME cat. ;)

Sally Painter said...

Wow, now if you had video of that I bet you'd win the grand prize for the funniest animal videos! What an image that makes.