Saturday, June 21, 2008

Things that float my boat

High on the list of things that fire my jets is photography. I love taking photos of people, watching their expressions and body language - snatching a moment out of time and freeze-framing it.

This photo comes from a shoot I did recently with Victoria, a good friend and quite beautiful woman. I had her pose with several different men who'd never modeled before and boy did she bring out the man in them:) Pictured here is Frank.

A photo like this inspires a lot of ideas for me and helps me create characters. How about you? Do images inspire ideas or do you use images to assign to characters you read?

Hope you have a great weekend!!


Photo by Syneca/Original Syn. Copyright 2008. All Rights Reserved.


N.J.Walters said...

Beautiful picture!

Images can inspire me, but I don't pick one to represent a character. I can't usually find a photo that matches what's in my head. LOL

Robin Snodgrass said...

Yowza! He should be modeling full time if that shot is any indication!

And, yes, very inspirational! *g*

Nicole Austin said...

I love that picture. The models are gorgeous. Yup, definitely coming back to do visual art in my next life. :D

Susan said...

I personally use the cover picture to apply to the main characters. Makes great mental visuals especially as I read and put myself into the heroine's place. :) Kudo's to Cy, you do great work.

I am by no means a photographer but love it when I can catch that moment that speaks the thousand words. My favorite so far is the one taken just after my grandson was born. It's simply my grandson's hand laying in my son's hand. Makes me think of that country song called 'Daddy's Hand'. I can't remember who sang it but it's a moving song about a fathers loving hand throughout the life of their child. I can see my son being that father. :)