Sunday, June 08, 2008

Nerdgassing - a New Word by John Scalzi

I was just over at Scalzi's blog, Whatever, when I came across this gem. I thought it was hilarious.

Oh god, I'm a Nerd. And another thing I discovered: I totally have a crush on the guy.

Read it and, like me, giggle.

"The word: “Nerdgassing”

Definition: The venting nerds emit when some (often minor) detail of a book/movie/TV show/comic book/etc either conflicts with canon and/or handwaves through some
some suspect science.

Example One: “In the third show of the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Data clearly says that the Glorithian flagship was constructed in orbit around that planet Norgar, but then in the fifteenth show of the sixth season, it’s said it was constructed in the Buterian space
docks! How do you explain that, hmmm?”*

Example Two:
“Ringworld is unstable! Ringworld is unstable!”
Secondary definition: What happens after too many Cheetos and Mountain Dew."

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