Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Day the Music Died

And no I'm not about to start singing "bye bye Miss American Pie". I'm referring to the fact that before dawn on Friday my laptop crashed and even though I was able to get it back up and running (after many hours with tech support) I lost all of my muic.

Yes, I had a "waaaaa" moment. More so over that than the fact I lost a book I was writing and had only two chapters left to finish it. The book I can rewrite - and make it better than the first time around. The music? That stabs deep.

Music plays a big part in my life. Each book I've written has a certain kind of music attached to it. Each important event in my life has music associated with it. Every time I get romantic or frisky with my honey ... you guessed it, there's a musical theme.

Today I'm rewriting that book I lost and the music that's playing is one of my all-time favorites from a lady I think is one of the biggest talents ever....

Hope you find some love sneakin' up on you:)

Happy Sunday!!

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Nicole Austin said...

My condolences on the crash! Been there done that. It's always painful. I'm so paranoid now that I back up to an external hard drive several times a week.

And the music...ouch! I'm the same way. There are songs the represent different times in my life or that I listen too when I'm in certain moods. I always have music playing in the car, at work, when I'm writing.

I'm sure it happened for a reason and the book will be ten times better now. That's what happened to me when I lost a good chunk of Have a Little Faith in Me. The new version was great!