Friday, October 10, 2008

Romance as a Lifestyle

Many people believe romance is only something that can happen between two people. They are unable to recognize that a life lived in romance is a deliberate act. It’s a lifestyle choice. It isn’t something that just happens to you or always arrives as a gift someone bestows upon you.

Romance is an artform. Ask any artist. Ask any musician. The art or music they create can be powerful and very romantic simply because it is filled with beauty and is a romantic expression.

Romance begins with the individual. You can choose to create it in everything you do or you can trudge through life pining for it to find you. It requires understanding what romance is and moving beyond pre-conceived limitations that confine romance to only being available to couples. Romance vibrates in all living things. Romance is beauty. Romance is a feeling. Romance is an ambiance.

So how can you participate in creating romance? Start with your clothes. Choose clothes that you feel reflect the romantic in you. It can manifest as an attitude conveyed by how you wear your clothes. How you carry yourself. Romance has style and requires an awakening of sorts. Become conscious of all the nuances in your surroundings.

If your career requires you don a business suit, then you can add a bit of a romantic look to it with a pin, a lapel flower or a scarf. Don’t be afraid to flex your romantic style muscles a bit. Let it flourish in everything you do. Romance is something that captures the imagination and lingers. It teases and even haunts us.

We can enjoy the sensual beauty of flowers or a candlelit room whether we are with our lover or alone. Romance is not exclusive to couples – a common misconception perpetuated by industries catering to couples and compounded by those who simply don’t understand how to create romance in their daily lives. No one owns romance.

Anyone can have romance in their lives. That is the beauty of romance. It is universal. You can soak it up wherever you are. It’s magical. It lives in everyone’s soul.

Don’t believe it? Try adding some romance to the simplest of things you do every day. It’s not what you do but how you do it. What do you feel? What do you sensed?

The difference between someone who has a romance filled lifestyle to someone who doesn’t: Did you toss a steak on the grill and sit down in your kitchen and chomp down on it, or did you set the table, added some flowers, season the steak, turn on some music while you grilled, poured yourself a glass of wine to sip on? If you answered the later, then you are practicing a romantic lifestyle.

If you want to invite a friend to join you, all the better. You don’t have to be lovers to share a romantic dinner or evening. It can be romantic to each of you for different reasons. That is the beauty of romance. It loves everyone!

What do you think it means? Defining Romance
Do you feel romance is limited only to couples? Seriously, some people actually believe romance is a couple-exclusive emotion and that no one is capable of enjoying romance if they are not a couple. So, I thought it would be cool to ask readers. What is your definition of romance?

Do you believe romance can only exist between two people or is that a myth? In my experience romance is just not that discriminating. It exists outside ourselves and we are merely invited to share in it. When something is described as romantic, what does that mean? Since it can be a painting, a cityscape, a dinner, a wedding, a sunset, a dress, just about anything doesn’t that mean it is available for all to enjoy? Romance is more than having dinner with your lover. It’s an emotion that stirs deep inside. Be it over the person we are dining with or over a spectacular sunset. It is still romantic. You don’t need to be a couple in order to appreciate it, experience it or feel it. So do you believe being a couple is a prerequisite to understanding and feeling romance?


Abi - TRS Reviewer said...

Many people have considered the relationship I have with my husband odd. We no doubt are not considered romantic but we've been together over 27 years and married for 20 Romance for us is being able to allow one another our own space and time... its having quality time for us it might be a 10 mile cycle ride - my husband has never really been one for the usual romantic dinners, gifts but has his moments like the Harley I found in my living room Christmas morning with red ribbons tied around it. The fact he doesn't mind me popping over to the US & Canada to visit friends. My freedom and his mean much to both of us.

Sally Painter said...

Hey Abi! Now a Harley under the Christmas tree is really romantic when you love riding bikes! I bet you were stunned. If you can't be yourself and enjoy life with your lover - then who?

N.J.Walters said...

I think that the concept of romance is as individual as we are. For some folks, it's flowers and candlelight. For others it's being curled up on the sofa, snacking on popcorn while watching your favorite television show.

Like most folks, I could probably use a little more romance in my life. It's a matter of slowing down and doing the things that please your senses. For example, in my household there are no "good" dishes, saved only for company and special occassions. I use those every single day simply because I like eating off nice dishes. It makes a meal taste better.

All that matters is that whatever you do fits with your lifestyle and what is romantic to you.

And you can have romance in your life whether your single or part of a couple.

Nicole Austin said...

Its very interesting but the overnight weekend xray staff at the hospital where I work has wound up being all single women. We have our very own "date night" on Sunday nights. I'm not sure how romantic it would be considered but we order dinner out and take a moonlit stroll down the block to Starbucks for our date night coffee treat. When our dinner comes, we set it up in a conference room, away from our work area but close enough if duty calls. We use real plates, silverware and cloth napkins. Can't have candles as they'd probably set off the sprinklers and ruin the mood. LOL!