Saturday, October 04, 2008

Old Toy, New Trick?

It doesn't require batteries. There are no moving parts. It's cheap and it's fun. What is it? Why the hoola hoop. Remember back in the days of yor when as kids we'd hoola up a storm? A few months ago I decided it'd be a good idea to take a blast into the past and revive my hoola skills.

** Note. Do NOT purchase a hoop that has a cloth covering.

Yep, that's what I did. And after fifteen frustrating minutes was ready to throw the hoop in the trash and myself on the floor. I couldn't keep it going. One turn and it'd head straight to the floor. Naturally I got some ribbing from the local men folk ... "no hula left in your hoop?"

And naturally I challenged them to give it a try. Three men and no success. That hoop wouldn't hoola. Ha! Take that men folk. I grab my handy-dandy scissors and whacked the fabric from the hoop. Said a little prayer to the gods of hoola and gave it another try.

VICTORY! I do have hoola left in me. And you know what? It's fun. It's good exercise. AND honey man seems particularly attracted to me when I'm hoola-ing. Hmmmmm.

So, if you're looking for a cheap and fun way to spice things up, give the hoop a hoola. All that swaying, hip wiggling action is likely to net you some fun of another kind.

And take a look at some of the action in this hoola hoopers at the 2004 Burning Man. Oh wow, I've got to practice!!

Happy weekend!!


Hula Hooping Burning Man 2004 - For more amazing video clips, click here


Nicole Austin said...

Oh my gosh. That's pretty cool what they could do in the video. And since honeyman is enjoying you should keep at it. *g*

N.J.Walters said...

You know, I never could keep a hoola hoop going for any length of time. LOL

Abi said...

I wish I could N J but I'm like you it normally ended up hitting my toes...