Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Some New Moves

Sex should be fun and exciting, not the same old boring thing. It's not necessary to go searching the internet for the latest in bizarre sexual practices to keep things interesting in the bedroom, just adding a new twist to your old favorites can revive your unresponsive sex life. Here are some fun tips I've found recently while conducting research.

Hot oil art - warm up some massage oil and put it in a turkey baster. Use this to draw shapes or spell out words on your lover’s body. The hot oil moving in specific lines is supposed to excite the skin. After creating your hot, slippery designs now go for the massage with your hands.

Pearl Necklace - Get an 36 inch strand of fake pearls and wear them all day so your body heat warms it up. When ready to play, dribble some lube on the necklace then coil them around his penis. Careful, you want it to be comfortable not so tight it pinches. Slide your hands up and down the beads to create a unique sensation he'll love. He can also use the beads on you by rolling them beneath his palm over your clit.

Hot mint - using hot and cold sensations is nothing new, but here's a new twist—warm mint tea. This will heat up your mouth and provide a warm sensation. When your move your mouth away, the menthol in the mint will cool down the area. Sip the tea often to get the full cool and tingly effect of the mint.

Oral tickle - when giving him oral, slip a finger in your mouth and softly tease his sensitive spots at the same time you are stimulating with your lips and tongue for unexpected new sensations.

And don't forget to change up the old positions in fun new ways.

Lay on the bed face down, hips slightly elevated and together. With his thighs bracketing yours the position creates a snug fit and the minimal elevation allows for deeper thrusts.

For doggy-style without the backache roll to your side. Have him straddle your bottom leg and wrap the top one around his hip. This allows the deeper penetration of doggy-style in a more comfortable position and give the added benefit of allowing face-to-face contact.

Another more comfortable rear-entry position is to tuck your knees up toward your chest to support your torso.

And don’t forget the toys. There are toys out there now to satisfy all your tastes and cravings. With toys you can even have one of the top women’s fantasies without any guilt or jealousy—dual penetration.


Ciana Stone said...

Woooo!! When you're hot, you're hot. And Nic ... you naughty hussy, you're ALWAYS hot. Thanks for the tips. Isn't Hump day a good time to try them out?


N.J.Walters said...

Very good advice, Nic. *g*

I've used the pearl necklace trick...well, I've used it in one of my books. LOL

Viv Arend said...

My word, I'm coming to visit you more often...

Hubby ain't gonna know what hit him!

Nicole Austin said...

LOL! Have fun, Viv!