Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gettin' Naughty - Sex in Public

Why is it such a turn on? Is it the fact that sex in public is forbidden or taboo that creates the appeal?

Come on, you've read the books, you know how it happens. It may start as a little naughty touching under the table at a restaurant. Or a couple gets hot and horny from rubbing up against each other on the dance floor. Then he's whispering his desires in her ear, enticing her to be daring, push some boundaries, take a few risks.

The thrill of explicit exposure can be a heady aphrodisiac. And after all, stimulating the mind is a big part of great sex. There is definite mental titillation in the idea of getting it on in a public place. The danger of getting caught fires up the adrenaline. Thoughts of someone witnessing such intimate moments can start the heart palpitating. Senses come to life, tingling with awareness at the chance of exposure. Excitement heats the blood at the idea of such wicked behavior.

If your sex life has fallen into a rut, a little daring just might bring it back to life. But—yes there's always a but—both partners have to be into it. If the idea of discovery scares the hell out of you then it would not be fun. If thoughts of someone watching gives you hives think up a different way to spice up your sex life. Fear is not conducive to great sex!

On the other hand, if thinking about possibly being discovered while having sex in public gets your juices flowing, keep one very important thing in mind—location, location, location!

Sex where you work could get you fired. Sex in public places can get you arrested. Sex where kids could see will get your ass kicked and then thrown in prison. Heck, there are security cameras everywhere now. Like in the elevator, stairwells, alley, parking lot... Yeah, definitely think about location. Perhaps semi-public might be a better idea.

That's the problem the hero and heroine of my current WIP are facing. They can’t leave the building where they are, and it’s full of security cameras. For them to be caught messing around would not be good. But where there’s a will… *g*

When you do find the perfect spot for some hot and sexy fun, enjoy! And hey, if you feel like sharing places that have worked for you, please do. There was this time at a friend's party... um... actually, on second thought, I'm gonna keep that one to myself.


N.J.Walters said...

Great topic, as always.

I think it all starts with necking in your boyfriend's car when you're a teenager. It's the forbidden aspect, plus the chance you might be caught.

Good luck with your WIP. Can't wait to see what your characters do. *g*

dena celeste said...

*chuckles* i like this topic. i'm an exhibitionist, so the illusion of people watching and seeing me in a compromising position is pretty hot.

i've found that parking lots work pretty well. Recreation areas along the highway (usually at night...). That's for semi-public.

And being nekkid at play parties...well, that's just the best of all. i get to watch and be watched.

*ahem* Awesome article and good luck with the WIP!


Nicole Austin said...

The characters are giving me fits right now. They want to race ahead to the good parts. LOL!

Dena, oooooh. I'm gonna have to pick your brain some day. *G* I bet you have lots of yummy ideas I could use.