Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Hero You Can't Have

Since I was just a girl I've been enchanted with superheroes. Today we're seeing a big resurgence of the Superheroes in film and television. The original Superman touched the child inside us and infused it with a dose of lust. Batman sends fans flocking to theatres and women's heartrates racing. X-Men? Wolverine sure made my blood heat up.

Yep the Superheroes never die - they reemerge time and again. And I watch them all. It's movie magic at its best. Yet no where have I seen anything portrey the life of a superhero better than the little show Smallville. Sure it's low budget and yes, some of the acting is lacking. But this show features the essence of Superman. His goodness and his willingness to sacrifice personal happiness and desire for the sake of his duty.

I guess that's what makes Superman my super hero of all time. The fact that nothing can permanently deter him from his duty. That nothing can squash that innate goodness. And that even when his heart breaks he does what he knows to be right. Makes me wish everyone could have a little superman inside them.

So today, I thought I'd share one of my favorite songs about Superman and some clips from this show that's entertained me and reminded me what superheroes are all about. Don't know about you, but I like having a superhero in my imagination. Kind of like a reminder that we all have great potential - if we're willing to walk the right path to achieving it.

Happy Sunday!!


NathalieGray said...

Wolferiiiiiine!!! *happy sigh*

He's Da Man.

And let's not forget The Crow. Does he count as superhero?

Nicole Austin said...

We're kinda stuck on Iron Man right now in my house.