Saturday, July 28, 2007

August Preview

Check out our Official HUNK, Christian Boeving and the great article our forever Hunk Hunter, Ciana Stone has written on our new website created just for our new series - HUSSIES™.

The new series Ci and I are writing is about a world of Hussy Warrior Hunters. We'll give you a sneak preview on our new yahoo list in created just for the series news over the next few weeks. You can join the newsletter list here.

Enjoy our new website.


Julianne said...

Oooooo!!! An updated website. I can't wait to read the new hunk interview. Ci ya have such a knack for interviewing those fine gentlemen and wrangling them. I am looking forward to reading the new hussy series. Sounds mahhhhvelous.

Dani said...

I read it Jules! It was awsome. He is one sweet hunk. ;)

Sally Painter said...

Hey Jules,

It's a fantastic gateway for our new series! Hope you enjoy.

Sally Painter said...

Hey Dani,

Ci certainly knows how to interview a hunk!

Susan said...

I love the new site! It looks great and Ciana's interview with Christian is fabulous. He is sooo fine. Woohoo! and new sexy books coming!!! Happy, happy, joy, joy!


Julianne said...

I just visited the new site. I love the design. Its fabulous. Oh, and that interview, wow. Ci does know her way around a hunk.
The cover for Ci's book looks hot.
Love it.