Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Thanks to hunk wrangler, Ci, (Ci you have such an amazing talent!) the Hunks 'n' Hussies® now have our very own OFFICIAL Hunk, Christian Boeving!

Welcome Christian!!! As the Hussies™' first Official Hunk, Christian will be appearing on our website soon, Ci has conducted a great interview with him that will be on the site soon, a poster or two, maybe even a few t-shirts... Who knows where he may show up with us in person. Afterall, a Hussy always needs an escort.

Please join us in welcoming this amazing hunk!


Julianne said...

Hi and welcome to the HunksnHussies. We can be a wild bunch of women at times, but we dont' bite unless you want us too.
I hope you enjoy yourself in our group.

Sandra said...

Very nice and great job, Ci, in convincing him that we are a great bunch of gals to know.