Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Want to hit those high notes?

Well here you go :)

A musical condom designed to play louder and faster as lovers reach a climax is to go on sale in Ukraine.

Grigoriy Chausovsky, from Zaporozhye, said his condoms came fitted with a special sensor that registers when the condom is put on.

It transmits a signal to a miniature speaker in the base of the condom which play a melody.
He told local media: "As the sex becomes more passionate, it registers the increased speed of the movements and plays the melody faster and louder."
hmmmmmm.............. gives a whole new meaning to "Ring my Bell"


Julianne said...

I really don't know if that would be nice or a nusiance. In my case the music would never get very loud. He falls asleep. LOL!!!!

Sally Painter said...

OMG, can you image an apartment complex with those? I rather think it will serve to interfere with the whole climax.