Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Putting the O in Blow

I found the following article :

"New trend in bachelorette parties includes 'oral pleasure' education" by TERRI THEODORE in The Canadian Press, quite interesting

July 22, 2007

There's an emerging trend in bachelorette parties that is far from a tea-and-crumpets celebration.

In fact, the only hot tea involved is as a training prop in an educational session in Vera Zyla's oral pleasure seminar.

More and more women are booking private, pre-wedding seminars through Zyla's Vancouver store, The Art of Loving, to learn the how-tos of oral sex, having a good orgasm and stripping for your lover.

She has hosted dozens of parties for women ranging from virgins to the more experienced.

The course on oral sex techniques seems to be one of the most popular.

"I believe it's because there are a number of challenges that are presented," she said.

"I ask these women in class...'Why do you think women find it so challenging,' and they start sharing."

Zyla said the women are simply looking for strategies to be better at it and to add it to their repertoire, hoping to use it to prolong a marriage.

"If you have meat and potatoes for dinner every night, you're going to get bored of that. If you make sex the same way day in, day out it's going to get predictable. You need to mix it up."

Zyla said at first, some women are nervous about attending, but a few quips from the crowd can make the night hilarious.

"They tend to turn it into a little wine and cheese thing...everybody gets loosened up. It's a really fun evening."

Anna Von Frances, 28, took a similar oral sex education seminar in Toronto and thinks more women should do the same.

"It's fun to get together with your girlfriends and laugh about a taboo subject, then find out it's not all that taboo."

She said the course helped her get familiar with the male anatomy.

"I don't think that women really get any proper education about that kind of stuff," she said. "You don't ask your mom about how to give a great blow job."

Von Frances admitted she was nervous about sitting in a room with a bunch of her girlfriends learning to put a condom-clad banana in her mouth.

But she said it was nothing like that.

"(The instructor) did a lot of hand-outs about where everything's located on a man's member, how sensitive it really is."

"It was a lot of myth busting."

Zyla demonstrates to her classes with a prop and notes accessories women can buy or make at home.

"For example they could make a hot drink and put it in a thermos...then leave the hot liquid in your mouth, so your mouth is really toasty warm."

Zyla said a bridesmaid recently organized a oral sex seminar for a virgin bride.

"She said 'Eww I'm not doing that,' and all her friends said 'Oh yes you are," she laughed.

Von Frances says the course left her "super empowered" and improved her sex life "100 per cent."

"I'm sure if you interviewed my boyfriend he would say he's glad I did it."

She believes women like the courses because it opens communication with their lover.

Zyla said women outnumber men 10 to one at the 20 or so sex education seminars she holds at her store.

"I think women are somewhat more open to better their skills, they talk openly more about it," she said. "There's a desire to want to please their lover and offer something delicious."

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Julianne said...

That sounds like a great class. I would go. Maybe we can make it a hussy class. LOL How come everything good is in Canada????

Sandra said...

Hehe, Jules.

I'm curious though if the prop is live or blow-up.

I will say that if I had had a bachelorette party, this kind would have been so much fun.

Julianne said...

Me too. But isn't that just like a man. More women go to the classes. So I guess that must mean that we don't know what we are doing. And all the guys are perfect at oral sex. LOL!!!!

Dani said...

I've heard of something like this before. Sounds great to me. Jules I like your idea about making it a hussy class. I'd go! Hahahaha.

P.S. Men aren't always good at oral sex. You just get lucky if you get a guy that is. LOL!